Jack Freeman

Greetings! My name is Mr. Freeman and I teach second grade at Cold Spring Elementary. Prior to coming to CSE, I studied Elementary Education at St. John’s University. I was lucky to have student taught in Cold Spring under Mr. Zauhar. After student teaching, I got my first teaching job at CSE!

            This will be my third year teaching at CSE. I learned so much in my first two years, and I’m eager to start year three! I have made many great memories in my short time at CSE. Along with teaching, I have also spent the past two years coaching various activities at ROCORI. I’m currently coaching 6th Grade Football, Girls’ High School Hockey, Middle School Golf, and the Summer Strength and Agility Program. Through teaching and coaching, I have met many great kids, colleagues, parents and families in the Cold Spring area.

            Ever since I was young, I have always loved being active. Whether that was being on a lake in the summer, a football or soccer field in the fall, a hockey rink in the winter, or a golf course in the spring… I love all activities! I’m also a huge fan of music and art. Two of my favorite classes in high school were Choir and Pottery. I have a wonderful family that I am very close with. My dad’s name is Jim Freeman, and he is a doctor in Brainerd. My mom’s name is Nancy Freeman, and she is a retired teacher. She comes down to Cold Spring a lot to help volunteer in the classroom. I also have two brothers named Pat and Tom. Pat is a lawyer in Denver, Colorado, and Tom is a senior at St. Olaf College.

            I’m looking forward to so many things this upcoming school year. First, I can’t wait to meet all the new students. It is so much fun getting to meet all those new faces and personalities at the start of the school year. Second, I can’t wait to witness all the growth that occurs over the school year academically and socially. Third, I can’t wait to witness my class become a team. It is wonderful to watch the kids get comfortable with each other, learn from each other, and grow with each other.


Jack Freeman


8:20-8:50Morning Meeting (Responsive Classroom)
9:40-10:10LA Differentiated
10:10-11:15LA Core
12:50-1:55Math Core
1:55-2:25Differentiated Math