Course Syllabus

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Mr. Jon Czech

Rocori High School

 (320) 685-8683  ext. 4107


Textbook     Geometry.  McGraw-Hill Education. 2018                                                                                       


Course Overview      Students will study the basic concepts of arithmetic and algebra while studying two- and three-dimensional relationships.  An introduction to the meaning and nature of deductive reasoning and proof will also be covered while students develop and prove their conjectures using a variety of methods.  Finally, an analysis and study of the characteristics of shapes and space will be covered.


Daily Necessities

Ø  Pencil

Ø  Notebook (or loose leaf paper in a binder or folder)

Ø  Graphing Calculator

Ø  Textbook (extra credit will be received if it is covered)



                                    Ø Daily attendance is very important!

Ø You will be marked tardy if you are not in the classroom by the time the bell rings.

Ø Three (3) tardies will result in ½ hour of detention.

Ø  It is your responsibility to make up any work that you missed.

Ø  If you know you are going to be absent, you must let me know in advance so I am able to prepare materials/notes for you while you are gone.

Classroom Expectations

Ø Absolutely no food or pop are allowed in this classroom (water is ok).

Ø No headphones, cell phones, iPods, or any other electronic devices will be allowed to be out in the classroom during lecture. 

Ø Be respectful to your classmates, the teacher, and the property of this classroom.  No one will leave the classroom until the room is clean!

Ø No cheating!  Take pride in doing your own work.  The result is loss of credit for that assignment, quiz, or test.  No exceptions!



Ø  The key to success in this class is to complete your assignments every day.  You are expected to try all of the problems assigned.

Ø  You are expected to be on task and working on math when given work time in class.

Ø If you know in advance that you will be absent, you are to get your assignments ahead of time and have the work completed when you return.

Ø  When you are absent, it is your responsibility to get class notes from a classmate or myself.

Ø  Assignments will be on a 4-point scale and you will lose one point for each day it is late.

Ø  Late work will not be accepted after each term. 


Tests and Quizzes

Ø All tests and quizzes must be completed in pencil.  

Ø Absolutely NO cell phones or electronics out during any quiz or test.  If seen or heard, you will receive loss of credit for that assessment.

Ø If you are absent the day of a test or quiz, it must be made up within the same number of days that you were absent.

Ø Tests and quizzes that are announced in advance must be made up the day you return.


Grading Information

Ø Grading Criteria:  Trimester grades will be based on a weighted point systems.

§  Tests and Quizzes                         66.66%

§  Homework                                     33.33%


100% - 93% = A

92.99% - 90% = A-


89.99% - 87% = B+

86.99% - 83% = B

82.99% - 80% = B-

79.99% - 77% = C+

76.99% - 73% = C

72.99% - 70% = C-

69.99% - 67% = D+

66.99% - 63% = D

62.99% - 60% = D-

59.99% or less = F









***This syllabus is subject to change at the teacher’s discretion.***