Face 2 Face

Face 2 Face                                                                                Mrs. Rice

Fall 2017 (Term 1)                                                                     B118 ~ RHS

Prep:  Period 2 (9:20 ~ 10:45)                                                   ricep@rocori.k12.mn.us

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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on the process of interpersonal communication as a dynamic and complex system of interactions. It stresses the importance of understanding and applying interpersonal communication theory in work, family, and social relationships. 


COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon successful completion of this course the student will be expected to:  1. Describe the importance and complexity of the interpersonal communication process.  2. Recognize the potential effects of communication behaviors.  3. Identify communication problems and examine conflict resolution strategies.  4. Apply the principles of active listening.  5. Achieve an understanding of self through interpersonal communication. 


MATERIALS: Please bring a writing utensil to class everyday along with a one subject theme notebook for your journal.   Our readings will be available as photocopies and are also available in pdf format through Moodle.


  ATTENDANCE: Attendance is crucial to successful completion of this class since ¼ of the grade is based on participation in class activities. Simply put, you can’t participate if you aren’t here!  You are responsible for all work missed and are responsible for making arrangements with Mrs. Rice (staff) for your make-up time planning, taping or editing.    You are given one school day to make up each full day absent.  See the school handbook for the rules regarding absences.


EFFORT: This course is designed with a lot of learning activities that require you to be involved in role-playing or group discussions.   Your best effort will ensure a positive learning experience.


BEHAVIOR: We will follow the student handbook for all rules.  Behavior requiring discipline will be dealt with by any of the following based on the situation and repeated occurrences: Discussion with teacher.  Creation of behavior plan with teacher Contact with parent/guardian Conference with parent/guardian Involvement of office.



·         Week One Ice Breaker, Introduction to Class/ Why & how we communicate and how we communicate

·         Week Two      II. Listening III. Communication Skills

·         Week Three    IV. Perception  Week Four V. Self-Concept, Self Image, Self Esteem

·         Week Five      VI. Verbal Messages VII. Nonverbal Communication

·         Week Six        VIII. Conflict and Conflict Resolution IX. Communication Styles


METHOD OF EVALUATION:  1 paper (with research) --- Journal entries Class participation --- Class discussion ---Section Quizzes and Final Exam


GRADING SCALE:  Assignments and tests will be based on total points earned.

A  ~ 90-100 %

B  ~ 80-89 %

C   ~ 70-79 %

D  ~ 60-69 %

F  ~ 0-59 %

Please note that daily class attendance and positive participation play a tremendous role in final grading as well as test scores!  Please make every effort to come to class and put forth your best effort!


RESEARCH PAPER:  The two- page paper must analyze a film with a topic or concept covered in the text or in class lecture. Students may select a film from the list or have a film and topic approved by the instructor.  Information is posted in Moodle


Welcome to class ~ I look forward to our learning community!