English 9B ~ Syllabus & Expectations



English 9B~   Part II

Course Syllabus ~ Spring 2018

           Mrs. Rice (room B118)           

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Prep Period: 3rd Period (10:50-12:00)


Course Overview: Students will continue to learn critical reading and writing skills as they work in English 9B.  Students will critically write in response to various genres of literature.  This will be accomplished through personal reactions and by demonstrating an understanding of the literature being studied/ discussed.  Students will begin to explore a variety of aspects which include, but are not just limited to grammar, writing, and vocabulary. This course is expected to assist students in preparing for future academic and college-level courses through detailed instruction in the writing process for a standard five paragraph (keyhole) essay in addition to the editing-revision process. Over the course of the trimester, students will continue instruction in vocabulary development as well as variety of reading selections (fiction & non-fiction).          


Units of Study ~

  • To Kill a Mockingbird Unit                                                           

Students will read and discuss the Harper Lee novel.  Over the course of this unit, students will receive instruction in the following: vocabulary, literary analysis, and writing, along with completing some form of research of the author, period, or social/ historical context of this novel.


  • Six Trait Writing Assessment Model

Students will receive instruction in the various elements which make student writing more enjoyable and effective.


  • Five Paragraph Essay Structure (Keyhole Essay) & Grammar Usage

The following lessons will be presented and assessed (although this list is not all inclusive): sentence openers and sentence combining, use of point-of-view, verb tense, transition use, types of detail sentences, parallel structure, repetition in writing, and various sentence styles along with common sense grammatical rules related to writing. In addition, students will continue working through the rules of grammar and sentence structure introduced in English 9A.


Please Note: vocabulary instruction which includes, but is not just limited to, Greek & Latin Roots will be continued throughout this trimester.


Content Standards Taught ~


  • Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and metaphors by using dictionaries, context clues, and reference books (vocabulary).
  • Evaluate the impact of an author’s decisions regarding word choice, point-of –view, style, and literary elements (literature).
  • Interpret the effect of literary and structural devices (literature).
  • Respond to literature using ideas and details from the text to support reactions and make literary connections (literature).
  • Generate, gather, and organize ideas for writing (composition).
  • Develop a thesis and clear purpose for writing (composition).
  • Use an extensive variety of correctly punctuated sentences for meaning and stylistic effect (grammar & usage).
  • Edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, verb tense, sentence structure, and paragraphing to enhance clarity and readability (grammar & usage).


Materials Needed for Class ~

  • Three Ring Binder is REQUIRED (same one used in English 9A with materials)
  • Perforated Paper (or theme paper ~ without frayed edges) & Comp. Notebook
  • Blue or black ink pen for final copies and tests
  • #2 pencils with good eraser(s) for scan tron exams
  • Colored marker or highlighter for correcting
  • E-mail account and a flash drive


Grading ~


Grading will be done using a basic scale of 90% = A, 80% = B, 70%= C, 60% = D.  Every assignment will receive/ earn points.  Late work will be docked points accordingly.  ALL assignments must be completed in order for students to pass this class!


Please note that students who do NOT achieve a minimal level of mastery on major writing assignments will NOT receive an immediate grade.  Instead, students will conference with Mrs. Rice and then redo the assignment until they have reached a satisfactory level (and grade). 


  • CHEATING is UNACCEPTABLE!  In the event that a student caught cheating, the assignment will receive a grade of zero, parents will be contacted, and BOTH the Guidance and Administrative Offices will be immediately notified.  There will be NO alternative assignment to make up the points lost.  As a result, CHEATING may well result in the failure of this class!

Expectations of Teacher ~

I firmly believe that all students have the ability to be successful in this course.  In addition, I believe that students in high school have the ability to be guided by basic expectations.  This being the case, I feel that if ALL students observe the following four areas listed below, this will not only be a successful learning opportunity for everyone, but an enjoyable term as well.




These are the student expectations which I expect everyone to adhere to everyday!


Keeping the following four areas in mind, the list below are simply a few guidelines to help clarify certain issues for students.


  1. Be prepared to begin class immediately at the tone.  There will be a consequence for tardies!
  2. Bring all necessary materials to class each day—this includes your textbook.  NO PASSES GIVEN!
  3. No pop or food in the classroom; gum is acceptable as long as teacher does not see or hear it!
  4. Leave the telephone, computer station, windows and blinds, as well as teacher desk areas they are —AVIOD disturbing any of these areas!
  5. Please keep “our” classroom clean ~ No writing on the student desks or within the classroom!
  6. Dismissal is by the teacher NOT the tone.  Stay in your desk area until dismissed.  Avoid milling around door.
  7. Remain seated or working until the tone sounds at the end of class and you have been dismissed.
  8. As per the District Policy, cell phones, I-Pods, and/ or ANY other electronic device are NOT to be out during the class without the permission of Mrs. Rice.