English 9A Syllabus

        English 9A ~ Part I                         

Course Syllabus ~ Winter Trimester 2018

Mrs. Rice (room B118)


Prep Period:   3rd Period (10:45 AM ~ 12:00 PM)


(320) 685-8683 ext. 4114 School

(320) 685-5426  home

(320) 290-5054 cell


E-Mail: ricep@rocori.k12.mn.us                            

Course Overview: English 9A is a course where students will learn critical reading skills in addition to becoming familiar with the various elements of literature.  Over the twelve weeks of class, students will critically read and write in response to various genres (fiction & non-fiction).  In addition to reading and interpreting various forms of writing, students will also begin to refine their own writing skills through a variety of sentence structure and vocabulary lessons.


Anchor - Power Standards:     

While a variety of standards and instructional materials will be taught throughout English 9A, the following (Minnesota core) Content Standards will be focused on in this class:

  • Reading: Students should be able to effectively determine themes, characters, multiple meanings & point-of-views in addition to being able to critically analyze and cite a variety of material (9.4.1-9.4.10). It is expected that students use a variety of higher level literary devices and print to achieve this standard.   
  • Language: Students are expected to continue to demonstrate of command of Standard English grammar and usage—both in their speech and writing. In addition, students are expected to clarify unknown and multiple-meaning words through the use of a wide range of available resources (9.11.1 -9.11.5). 
  • Writing: Students are expected to write in a clear and coherent fashion and to a variety of audiences while still using correct conventions and diverse styles. Students are also expected to use a process for writing which allows for both revision and inclusion of technology (9.7.1-9.7.9).

Units of Study:

  • Short Story Unit with introduction to literary devices.  Vocabulary instruction will also be presented in a variety of formats.
  • Sentence types & functions which includes instruction on Simple/Compound/ and Complex Sentence Structure as well as instruction with Sentence Fragments & Run On/ Comma splices. In addition, the rules of grammar (such as commas & semi-colons) will be taught and assessed. Students will also read, discuss, and respond to various non-fiction selections as they work to refine their writing and comprehension skills.                            
  • Romeo and Juliet with a Poetry Unit (including figurative language).  Research of the playwright and the period as well as vocabulary instruction will be taught.                                             

Textbook / Resources ~


Pearson Elements of Literature ~ Grade 9 (teal color)

Grammar 9 Handbook

Various teacher Handouts & materials

teacher web page


Materials Needed for Class ~

  • Three Ring Binder REQUIRED
  • 4x6 Index Cards (one package) REQUIRED
  • Perforated Paper (or theme paper ~ without frayed edges)
  • Blue or black ink pen for final copies and tests
  • #2 pencils with good eraser(s) for scan tron exams
  • Colored marker or highlighter for correcting
  • E-mail account and/ or flash drive

Grading ~

Grading will be done on a basic scale of 90% = A, 80% = B, 70%= C, 60% = D.  Every assignment will receive/ earn points.  Late work will be docked points accordingly.  ALL assignments must be completed in order for students to pass this class!  Additionally, any writing which is NOT at a minimum level of mastery will need to be REDONE for credit.

Student scores will be posted on Skyward frequently.  Final scores for tests and writing may take longer to post.  Missing assignments will be posted in the grade book as a zero “0.” All late assignments will have points deducted accordingly with the quality of work as well as the lateness of assignment.

  • CHEATING is UNACCEPTABLE!  In the event that a student caught cheating, the assignment will receive a grade of zero, parents will be contacted, and BOTH the Guidance and Administrative Offices will be immediately notified.  There will be NO alternative assignment to make up the points lost.  As a result, CHEATING may well result in the failure of this class!


Attendance Procedures ~

Obviously, a student’s daily attendance in class is important to their success!  Students are required to select both a primary and secondary study partner.  These individuals will collect notes, handouts, and information missed by the absentee student and give it to the student.  It is the responsibility of the student to connect in a timely fashion with the teacher and their study partner after each absence.  Time taken to complete missing assignments will be completed via the building requirement.


Expectations of Teacher ~

I firmly believe that all students have the ability to be successful in this course.  In addition, I believe that students in high school have the ability to be guided by basic expectations.

 This being the case, I feel that if ALL students observe the following four areas listed below, this will not only be a successful learning opportunity for everyone, but an enjoyable term as well.  Please consider these to as the following FOUR “P’s” for success:




Keeping the following four areas in mind, the list below are simply a few guidelines to help clarify certain issues for students.

  1. Be prepared to begin class immediately at the tone.  There will be a consequence for tardies!
  2. Bring all necessary materials to class each day—this includes your textbook.  NO PASSES GIVEN!
  3. No pop or food in the classroom; gum is acceptable as long as teacher does not see or hear it!
  4. Leave the telephone, computer station, window and blinds, and teacher desk area as is—AVIOD disturbing any of these areas!
  5. Please keep my classroom clean ~ No writing on the student desks or within the classroom!
  6. Dismissal is by teacher NOT the tone.  Stay in desk areas until dismissed.  Avoid milling around door.
  7. Remain seated or working until the tone sounds at the end of class and you have been dismissed.
  8. As per the District Policy, cell phones, I-Pods, and/ or ANY other electronic device are NOT to be out during the class period.


Welcome to Class ~

I look forward to working with you!