English 10B Syllabus ~ Expectations

        English 10B ~ Research                 

Course Syllabus ~ Spring 2018

Mrs. Rice (room B118)


Prep Period: Period 2 (9:30 AM - 10:45 AM)


(320) 685-8683   ext. 4114 School Number

(320) 685-5426  home

(320) 290-5054  cell phone


E-Mail: ricep@rocori.k12.mn.us       


“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”                                   ~ Chinese Proverb   

Course Overview:

English 10B students will continue to expand and develop their writing skills as they are systematically guided through the research process using the Modern Language Association (MLA) format.  While grading will be an ongoing process, the final assessment will be a completed research paper from title heading to works cited page (this includes correctly formatted citations within the persuasive research paper). Students will also advance their comprehension and analytical skills by the exploration of and discussion of a variety of short stories. In addition, the novel, The Outsiders (S.E. Hinton) will be read. Sophomores will also continue their study of vocabulary as they prepare for State GRAD Reading Test in April 2018 and the completion of state standards. 



Content Standards to be instructed and assessed in English 10B:

  1. Summarize and paraphrase main idea and supporting details. Comprehension)
  2. Evaluate clarity and accuracy of information, as well as the credibility of sources. (Comprehension)
  3. Identify, understand, and explain the various types of fallacies in logic. (Comprehension)
  4. Plan, organize, and compose persuasive, critical, and research writing to address a specific audience and purpose. (Writing)
  5. Evaluate and organize relevant information from a variety of sources, verifying the accuracy and usefulness of gathered information. (Research)
  6. Produce a report with detailed evidence to support a thesis. (Research)
  7. Organize and synthesize information from a variety of sources and present it in a logical manner. (Research)
  8. Proofread the final copy, format correctly, and prepare the document for publication or submission. (Research)
  9. Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and metaphors by using dictionaries, context clues, and reference books. (Vocabulary)





Units of Study:



1.      Research Paper: In this unit students will locate, select, and combine quality information from a variety of sources in order to successfully prove a thesis. They will demonstrate their learning by writing a research paper following Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines.



2.      Novel Unit: Students will read The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton; learning activities include a study guide, discussions, and a final test. Time permitting, students will also read and analyze a variety of short stories and non-fiction articles.


3.      Non-Fiction & Vocabulary: Students will receive basic reading strategies for non-fiction in addition to vocabulary development in preparation for state testing. Students will gain practice on reading strategies and state testing questions through various reading selections.


Textbook / Resources ~


Pearson Elements of Literature ~ Grade 10 (purple color)

Grammar 10 Handbook

Various teacher handouts & MLA handbook as well as research materials

Turnitin.com & teacher web page

S.E. Hinton novel, The Outsiders


Materials Needed for Class ~

  • 2—Two Pocket Folders REQUIRED
  • 4x6 Index Cards (one package for Notes) REQUIRED
  • 3x5 Index Cards (for Bib Use) REQUIRED
  • Sealed (zip lock) Bag (container) to protect cards
  • Perforated Paper (or theme paper ~ without frayed edges)
  • Blue or Black Ink pen for final copies and tests
  • #2 Pencils with good eraser(s) for scan tron exams
  • Colored Marker/ Pen
  • Colored Highlighters  for marking notes/ information
  • E-mail account and Flash Drive


Grading ~

Grading will be done on a basic scale of 90% = A, 80% = B, 70%= C, 60% = D.  Every assignment will receive/ earn points.  Late work will be docked points accordingly.  ALL assignments must be completed in order for students to pass this class!  Additionally, any writing which is NOT at a minimum level of mastery will need to be REDONE for credit.


Student scores will be posted on Skyward frequently.  Final scores for tests and writing may take longer to post.  Missing assignments will be posted in the grade book as a zero “0.” All late assignments will have points deducted accordingly with the quality of work as well as the lateness of assignment.



*      CHEATING is UNACCEPTABLE!  In the event that a student caught cheating, the assignment will receive a grade of zero, parents will be contacted, and BOTH the Guidance and Administrative Offices will be immediately notified.  There will be NO alternative assignment to make up the points lost.  As a result, CHEATING may well result in the failure of this class!


Attendance Procedures ~

Obviously, a student’s daily attendance in class is important to their success!  Students are required to select both a primary and secondary study partner.  These individuals will collect notes, handouts, and information missed by the absentee student and gives it to the student.  It is the responsibility of the student to connect in a timely fashion with the teacher and their study partner after each absence!  Time taken to complete missing assignments will be completed per the designated building policy. 


Please note that students aware of family vacations/ absences are strongly encouraged to notify the Office/ teacher and complete the necessary paperwork ahead of time.


Policy on Makeup Work:

Good attendance is the key to success at work or in school. However, there will be times when an absence is unavoidable. Students are given one school day to make up each full day absent. Work turned in later than the specified time will not be given credit unless special arrangements were agreed upon with the teacher.


Policy on Late Work:

Students are expected to turn in all assignments when due. Late assignments are given a 20% deduction the first day late and a 10% deduction for each day after that.


Policy on Discipline:

Mutual respect and successful learning are key expectations. Negative behaviors or lack of motivation will be addressed directly with the student(s) involved. If this approach is unsuccessful in managing a productive learning environment for all, parents, guidance counselors, and/or our dean of students will be contacted regarding the disruptive or counterproductive behaviors and concerns. Behavior contracts or other methods may be used to ensure and protect a positive learning environment.


  • The mission of the ROCORI Language Arts Department is to produce citizens who are able to communicate effectively in our global society.


  • ROCORI High School, in partnership with family and community, will make every effort to prepare students for tomorrow by providing success today.




Expectations of Teacher ~

I firmly believe that all students have the ability to be successful in this course.  In addition, I believe that students in high school have the ability to be guided by basic expectations. This being the case, I feel that if ALL students observe the following four areas listed below, this will not only be a successful learning opportunity for everyone, but an enjoyable term as well.  Please consider these to as the following FOUR “P’s” for success:




Keeping the following four areas in mind, the list below are simply a few guidelines to help clarify certain issues for students.


  1. Be prepared to begin class immediately at the tone.  There will be a consequence for students coming into class late!
  2. Bring all necessary materials to class each day—this includes your textbook.  NO PASSES will be GIVEN for students to retrieve materials!
  3. No pop or food in the classroom; gum is acceptable as long as teacher does not see or hear it!
  4. Leave the telephone, computer station, and teacher desk area as is—AVIOD disturbing any of these areas!  Please note that this classroom now has NEW WINDOWS & SCREENS—Mrs. Rice is the only person allowed to handle this area!
  5. Please keep my classroom clean ~ No writing on the student desks or within the classroom!
  6. Dismissal is by teacher NOT the tone.  Students are to remain in desk areas until dismissed--- Avoid milling around the door as it is a hazard!  In other words, remain seated or working until the tone sounds at the end of class and you have been dismissed.
  7. As per the District Policy, cell phones, I-Pods, and/ or ANY other electronic device are NOT to be out during the class period.  I will advise students when it is acceptable to access this equipment.

Welcome to Class ~

I look forward to working with you!