English 10A Syllabus


                   5th Period Prep  (1:45-3:00)                  

English 10A Syllabus

Fall Trimester 2016

                               Mrs. Rice ~B114                                       


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“You learn something every day if you pay attention.” Ray LeBlond


Course Overview: English 10A students will continue to refine their skills in analyzing and utilizing various writing genres, in addition to learning how to include elements of style and sentence structure more effectively into their writing.  Students will also continue their exploration of vocabulary development/ usage and literary analysis.  This course is expected to assist students in preparing for the Minnesota State Reading Assessment ~ GRAD Test (taken in April).


Units of Study:

  1. Autobiographical Unit:  This is an introductory unit aimed at building community within the class as well as assessing students’ current writing abilities.
  2. Sentence & Paragraph Writing Instruction:  Using the Writer’s Inc. text, students are introduced to writing as a process of exploration and discovery rather than an end product. This unit will be used to assist students in their daily writing assignments.               
  3. Structure of the Essay (five paragraph theme): Students will be instructed in how to use effective sentences and paragraphs with the intent of developing a well written essay.                                     
  4. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare:  After a basic introduction of Roman History and Shakespeare’s era, students will experience this five act play through various mediums including audio, discussions, class presentations, and film.  As time permits, the play, Antony & Cleopatra may be utilized.                                    
  5. Novel Unit: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.  Students will read and analyze this classic American novel.  A variety of learning activities will be used in conjunction with this novel.


Content Standards to be instructed and assessed in English 10A:


  • Trace the logical development of an author’s argument, point of view, or perspective and evaluate the adequacy, accuracy, and appropriateness of the author’s evidence in a persuasive text. (Comprehension)
  • Make inferences and draw conclusions based on explicit and implied information from texts. (Comprehension)
  • Respond to literature using ideas and details from the text to support reactions and make literary connections. (Literature)
  • Plan, organize, and compose narrative, expository, and descriptive writing to address a specific audience and purpose. (Writing)
  • Develop a thesis and clear purpose for writing. (Elements of Composition)
  • Understand the differences between formal and informal language styles and use each appropriately. (Spelling, Grammar, and Usage)
  • Determine the meaning of unfamiliar words and metaphors by using dictionaries, context clues, and reference books. (Vocabulary)


Materials needed for class:

Blue or black ink pens                                                 Folder with pockets

#2 pencils with erasers                                                Flash Drive (to save computer work) 

Colored correcting pen                                               e-mail account & password                

Highlighters                                                                Snap Shots Literature Anthology

Notebook & binder                                                     Writer’s Inc. Textbook                                   

General Rules:


  1. Be on time to class with all necessary materials.
  2. Be prepared to begin class at the start of the bell.
  3. Be respectful of everyone at all times.
  4. No food or beverage allowed in class at any time for any reason!
  5. Water bottles are acceptable with teacher approval.


Grading Policy:


Grading is based on points earned which then convert into a letter grade (based upon the computer generated average).  Grades will be based upon the following scale listed below.  Please note that ALL major assignments (including writings) must be attempted and/ or complete in order to receive credit for this course.


                                    90-100% = A

                                    80-89% = B

                                    70-79% = C

                                    60-69% = D


Policy on make up work:


Obviously, good attendance is the key to success at work or in school.  However, there will be times when an absence is unavoidable.  Students are given one school day to make up each full day absence.  This means that if students are absent for only half of the day, they would be expected to pick up their assignments that same day and then have them ready to turn in the very next day!  Work turned in any later than the allotted time will not be given credit unless arrangements are made with the teacher ahead of time!


Policy on LATE work:


Students are expected to turn in all assignments when due.  Late assignments are given a 20% deduction the first day late and a 10% deduction for each day after that.  If work is NOT turned in by the end of the grading period, students will receive an “F” as their term grade. Please check the student handbook for specifications.




Cheating Policy:


CHEATING is UNACCEPTABLE!  In the event that a student caught cheating, the assignment will receive a grade of zero, parents will be contacted, and BOTH the Guidance and Administrative Offices will be immediately notified.  There will be NO alternative assignment to make up the points lost.  As a result, CHEATING may well result in the failure of this class!


Discipline Policy:


The ROCORI English Department firmly believes that all students have the ability to be successful. As mentioned earlier, a student’s attitude, attendance, and effort plays a significant role in their success in the classroom. This being the case, it is our belief that if ALL students observe the following four areas listed below, English 10A will not only be a successful learning opportunity for everyone, but an enjoyable trimester as well.





Keeping the following four areas in mind, the list below are simply a few guidelines to help clarify certain issues for students.


  1. Be prepared to begin class immediately at the tone.  There will be a consequence for tardies!
  2. Bring all necessary materials to class each day—this includes your textbook.  NO PASSES GIVEN!
  3. No pop or food in the classroom; gum is acceptable as long as teacher does not see or hear it!
  4. Leave the telephone, computer stations, window and blinds, and teacher desk area as is—AVIOD disturbing any of these areas!
  5. Please keep the classroom clean ~ No writing on the student desks or within the classroom!
  6. Dismissal is by teacher NOT the tone.  Stay in desk areas until dismissed.  Avoid milling around door.  Remain seated or working until the tone sounds at the end of class and you have been dismissed.
  7. As per the District Policy, cell phones, I-Pods, and/ or ANY other electronic devices are NOT to be out during the class period.