District RtI Committee

 The RtI committee is charged with managing academic achievement data and using the results to help buildings meet state and national benchmarks.   Each building RtI team sends 2 members to represent the building on the District RtI committee.

Discussion topics:

·         Assessment:  MCA, FAST, ASPIRE, ACT, MAP,  Plan and explore  

·         Assessment benchmarks:  District created academic targets

·         Sub-groups:  Special education, English Language Learners, Title I students





Board Member: Lisa Demuth

Superintendent:  John Thein

Teacher Chairpersons: Stephanie Ruegemer and Sharon Posch



RHS: Mark Jenson

Jon Czech

Stephanie Ruegemer

RMS: Jake Nelson

Jamie Berner


CSE: Eric Skanson

Jim Meyer

Sharon Posch


RI: Mary Holmberg

Judith Steil


DEF:  Stephanie Hillman

Erin Tronbek


RO: Sam Court

Nancy Anderson



Patricia Ayala

Yoselin Castillo






Craig Lieser

Marsha Gilbertson      

Kathy Van der hagen

Ambur Chaika