Deirdre de Oliveira

Welcome to the 2017-2018 ROCORI school year!

Here I am in my 5th year teaching at ROCORI, time really flies! Last year I challenged myself to speak more Spanish in the classroom than ever before. The students did a great job picking up what I was saying through context clues and miming hints! This year we will continue that trend, as we try to navigate away from the old time routine of lecture and worksheets to a more interactive, activity, and technology based learning experience.

Check out the class Moodle page to keep up to date on a day to day and week to week basis. In case of student absence, all activities, notes, and assignments will be posted and downloadable from my Moodle page. We rolled out the Moodle page last year, and it made things so much easier for students and families to keep up during times of illness, sporting events, and family vacations. Look for information on accessing Moodle in the course syllabus, which each student will receive during the first week of class.

Looking forward to having a great time with y'all in Spanish class!

Deirdre de Oliveira

ROCORI Spanish Teacher


Trimester 1Trimester 2Trimester 3
1st hour (RMS)Spanish 1A (RMS)1st hour (RMS)Spanish 1A (RMS)1st hour (RMS)Spanish 1B (RMS)
2nd hour (RMS)Spanish 1A (RMS)2nd hour (RMS)Spanish 1B (RMS)2nd hour (RMS)Spanish 1B (RMS)
3nd hourPrep3rd hourPrep3rd hourPrep
A LunchA LunchA LunchA LunchA Lunch A Lunch
4th hourSpanish 1A (RHS)4th hourSpanish 1A (RHS)4th hour Spanish 1B (RHS)
5th hourSpanish 1A (RHS)5th hourSpanish 1B (RHS)5th hourSpanish 1B (RHS)