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2017 Results

Morris Aug. 28th                     Morris Invitational      results all races      

Rockford Sept. 7th                 Rocket Run                  results all races

Little Falls Sept. 14th             Lucky Lindy                 Boys Varsity           Girls Varsity           Boys JV      Girls JV       Boys JH         Girls JH

ROCORI Sept. 21st                 ROCORI Invite             Girls Varsity           Boys Varsity           Girls JV    Boys JV       Girls JH          Boys JH

Paynesville Sept. 26th           Paynesville Invitational        results all races

Fergus Falls Sept. 28th          John Hermes Invitational      Boys Varsity        Girls varsity      Boys JV       Girls JV    

Sauk Centre Oct. 3rd             Mainstreeter Invitational     Boys Varsity       Girls Varsity     Boys JV      Girls JV       Boys JH       Girls JH

Duluth Oct. 7th                        Swain Cross Country meet             results at itiming

Albany Oct. 10th                     Purple Pride Cross Country Meet         Boys Varsity (didn't run)       Girls Varsity(didn't run)        All JV           All JH  

Sartell Oct. 13th                      Sartell JH Classic               all results

CLC Oct. 17th                           CLC @ Tech                          Boys varsity     Girls varsity      Boys JV       Girls JV         Boys JH      Girls JH            

Section 8AA Oct. 26th             Sec. @ Fergus Falls          Boys & Girls Varsity 

state Nov. 4th                                                                              results

2016 Results

Morris Aug.  29th                 Morris Invitational        boys 7      girls 7      boys 8     girls 8      boys JV     girls JV     boys V       girls V

Monticello  Sept. 8th             Monticello Invitational   Results at Gopher State Events

Little Falls Sept. 15th           Lucky Lindy   Results at Gopher State Events

ROCORI  Sept. 22nd            ROCORI Invite  Results at Red River Run ROCORI

Paynesville Sept. 27th         Paynesville Invite  all Races

Duluth Oct. 1st.                      Swain Invitational  results at i timing

Sauk Centre Oct. 4th            Sauk Centre Invite  Results at Race Berry Jam

Albany Oct. 11th                     Purple Pride Meet    Boys JH       Girls JH       Boys Varsity      Girls Varsity       Boys JV     Girls JV

Sartell JH meet Oct. 14th    Sartell JH Classic     results

CLC Oct. 18th                         CLC @ Sartell (Black Berry Ridge)     Results at Pickle Events

Sec 8AA Oct. 27th                  Little Falls   result at Gopher State Events

State CC Meet Nov. 5th         St. Olaf Northfield  results at Wayzata results

2015 Results

Monday Aug. 31st                  Morris     boys 7    girls 7     boys 8      girls 8     boys JV    girls JV     boys V     girls V 

Thursday Sept. 10th               Monticello     results at gopher state events                                    

Thursday Sept. 17th               Lucky Lindy @ Little Falls       results at Race Berry Jam      

Thursday Sept. 24th               Rocori Invite  boys JH    girls jh    boys V    girls V    boys JV    girls JV                                 

Tuesday Sept. 29th                 Paynesville Invite       all races                       

Saturday Oct 3rd                    Swain Meet Duluth (varsity only)    Results at i timing                                  

Tuesday Oct. 6th                    Sauk Centre      Results at Race Berry Jam                              

Friday Oct. 9th                       Sartell Jr. High Meet             6th -9th grade only  results

Tuesday Oct. 13th                  Albany      boys JH   girls JH    boys V    girls V   boys JV   girls JV             

Tuesday Oct. 20th                  CLC @ Sauk Rapids  results at Pickle Events                                                                       

Thursday Oct 29th                 section Finals Monticello  results at gopher state events

Saturday Nov. 7th                  State Meet Northfield     

Results 2014

Morris                                 all results

Sauk Rapids-Rice           Varsity Boys      Varsity Girls     JV Boys    JV Girls    JH Boys    JH Girls

Little Falls Lucky Lindy    all results

ROCORI Invite                   all results

Alexandria Lions Meet of Champions    all results

Sauk Centre                      Varsity Boys     Varsity Girls    JV Boys     JV Girls    JH Boys     JH Girls

Albany Purple Pride Meet   Varsity Boys     Varsity Girls     JV boys     JV girls    JH boys     JH girls

Sartell JH Classic               Individual results        Team Results

CLC Championships          all results

Section 8AA                           varsity results

Results 2013

Detroit Lakes                            all results

Little Falls Lucky Lindy            all results

ROCORI Invite                           all results

Swain Duluth                             team results    individual results

Albany Purple Pride meet        Varsity Boys    Varsity Girls    JV boys    JV Girls    JH Boys     JH Girls

Paynesville                                 Varsity Girls & Boys           JV Girls & Boys          JH Girls & Boys

Sartell JH Classic                    all results

Sauk Centre                              all results

CLC Championships              all results

Section 8AA                               varsity results


Results 2012

Morris                             7th grade       8th grade        JV Boys & Girls        Varsity Boys       Varsity Girls

Sauk Rapids Rice                 all results

Bemidji                                  all results

Little Falls Lucky Lindy         all results

ROCORI                        Varsity Boys     Varsity Girls       JV Boys       JV Girls      JH Boys     JH Girls

Paynesville                   Varsity Boys      Varsity Girls       JV Boys       JV Girls      JH Boys      JH Girls

Alexandria Lions Meet of Champions       all results

Sauk Centre                 Varsity Boys      Varsity Girls       JV Boys        JV Girls      JH Boys & Girls  

Sartell Jh Classic        all results  

Albany                           Varsity Boys         Varsity Girls      JV Boys        JV Girls       JH Boys     JH Girls

CLC Championships  at Fergus Falls        all results

Section 8AA                           varsity results (incorrectly labeled 2011)

Results 2011

Milaca Early Bird          all races

Sauk Rapids Rice      All races

Little Falls Luck Lindy      all races

ROCORI                       All races  

Paynesville Invite       all races (even though they are labeled 2012)     

Sauk Centre               JH Girls/Boys           JV Girls/Boys          Varsity Boys        Varsity Girls

Alexandria Lion's Meet of Champions        all races

Sartell JH Classic      all races

Tech Invitational         all races

CLC Championships at ROCORI     all races

Section 8AA               Varsity races

Results 2010 

Milaca Early Bird       all races          

Sauk Rapids Rice    all races

Lucky Lindy Little Falls       all races

Rocori                       canceled

Paynesville            all results (JV & JH)

Fergus Falls John Hermes    all results (Varsity)

Alexandria Lion's Meet of Champions       all results

Sauk Centre             all races

Sartell JH Classic     all races

Tech Invitational          all results

CLC Championships      all results

Sec 8AA Fergus Falls     Results

Results 2009

Milaca Early Bird           results

Sauk Rapids Rice        results

Little Falls Lucky Lindy          results

Rocori Invite                 results

Alexandria Lions Meet of Champions      results

Sartell JH Classic      results

Tech invitational        results

CLC at Willmar        results

Section 8AA Championships      results

Results 2008

Milaca Early Bird       results

Sauk Rapids Rice      results

Little Falls Lucky Lindy     results

Rocori Invite            results

Sauk Centre           results

Albany                     results

Paynesville            results

Alexandria Lion's Meet of Champions      results

Tech Invitational     results

Sartell JH Classic    results

CLC at Tech           results

Section 8AA at Alex     results

Results 2007

Milaca Early Bird    results

Detroit Lakes     results

Lucky Lindy Little Falls    results

ROCORI Invite    canceled

Paynesville    results

Sauk Centre    results

Albany          results

Tech Invite    results

Sartell JH Classic   results

CLC at Sartell      results

Section 8AA at Detroit Lakes  results

Results 2006

Milaca Early Bird Meet      results

Sauk Rapids Rice       results

Little Falls Lucky Lindy   results

ROCORI Invite      results

Paynesville      results

Albany Purple Pride meet   results

Sauk Centre      results

Sartell JH Classic         results

Tech Invite          results

CLC at SRR      results

Section 8AA at ROCORI      results

Results 2005

Milaca Invitational      results

Monticello Invitational     results

Little Falls Lucky Lindy      results

ROCORI invite    results

Paynesville    results

Sauk Centre  Canceled

Albany Purple Pride Meet     results

Tech Invite        results

Sartell JH Classic     results

CLC at Greystone trails(Apollo)    results

Section 8AA at Moorhead     results

Results 2004

Milaca Invitational   results

Monticello             results

Little Falls Lucky Lindy     results

ROCORI Invite     results

Paynesville          results

Sauk Centre       results

Alexandria          results

Tech                    results

Sartell JH Classic      results

CLC                    results

Section 8AA       results

Results 2003

Milaca                 results

Monticello          results

Little Falls         results

ROCORI           results

Albany              results

Sauk Centre     results

Tech                 results

Alexandria      results

Sartell JH Classic    results

CLC @ Pierz      results

Section 8AA       results

Results 2002

Holdingford          results

Monticello            results

Little Falls           results

ROCORI             results

Albany                 results

Paynesville        results

Sauk Centre      results

Alexandria         results

Tech                   results

Sartell JH classic       results

CLC @ ROCORI        results

Section 8AA      results

Results 2001

Apollo                results

Monticello         results

Little Falls        results

ROCORI          results

Albany             results

Paynesville    results

Roy Griak       results

Alexandria     results

Tech               results

Sartell JH Clasic     results

CLC @ Alex              results

Section 8AA              results

Results 2000

Apollo                       results

Monticello                results (girls only)

Little Falls               results

ROCORI                 results

Paynesville            results

Alexandria               results

Tech                      results

Sartell JH Classic      results

CLC @ Willmar           results

Results 1998

Apollo Early Bird                  results

Little Falls Lucky Lindy       results

ROCORI                                results

Princeton                               results

Alexandria Lions Meet of Champions      results

Sartell                                     results

Paynesville                            results

Tech                                        results

Sartell JH Classic                 results

CLC @ Sartell                       results

Section 8AA @ Sartell         results

Results 1996

Section 8AA @ ROCORI    results

Over all stats                        results

CLC Jamboree                   splits

Apollo Early Bird                 splits     

Little Falls                            splits

ROCORI                               splits

Paynesville                          splits     team results

Princeton                             splits

Alexandria                            splits      team results

Tech                                      splits      team results

CLC @ Little Falls              team results

Saratell JH Classic          splits

Results 1995

Section 8AA @ Tech           results

Results 1994

Section 8AA @ Thief River Falls   results

Results 1993

Section 8AA                          results

Results 1992

Section 8AA                          results

Results 1991

Region 5A                          results (boys top 40)

Results 1990

Region 5A                          results (top 40)

Results 1989

Apollo                                 results

Monticello                          results

ROCORI                            results

Little Falls                         results

Alexandria                         results

District 19                           results

Sartell JH classic              results

CLC @ Little Falls            results

Region 5A                          results

Results 1988

Apollo                                 results

Monticello                         results

Hutchinson                      results

Little Falls                          results

ROCORI                            results

Sauk Centre                     results

CLC @ Brainerd             results

Region 8AA                     results

Results 1987

Apollo                    results (boys)

Hutchinson          results

Pierz                      results

Sauk Centre        results

Alexandra Lions Meet of Champions      results

Litchfield              results

ROCORI              results

Central Gopher Conference     results

Region 8AA            results

Results 1986

Hutchinson             results

Lucky Lindy              results

Pierz                          results

Sauk Centre            results

Alexandria Lions Meet of Champions           results

Litchfeild                  results

ROCORI                   results

Region 8AA              results

Results 1985

Pierz                          results

Paynesville              results

Sauk Centre            results

ROCORI Invite ??       results

1985 girls           individual meet results

Results 1984

1984 girls         stats

1984 JH girls    stats

Results 1983

1983 girls           stats

Results 1982

1982 girls         stats