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Hello, and welcome to my web page.

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This year I teach 7th Grade Science, 8th Grade Earth Science, and the science electives, Space Exploration and STEM at the middle school.  I also coach Cross Country and am an assistant wrestling coach.


Griff's Message to Kids:

Get involved in activities!!

School and your classes are very important but you learn more from activities than you can in any one class that you can take. Be part of something!!

Trimester 1Trimester 2trimester 3
1st hr 8th Grade Science 1st hr. 8th Grade Science 1st hr. 8th Grade Science
2nd hr Space Exploration (Tr.1) or STEM (Tr. 2) 2nd hr. 8th Grade Science2nd hr. 8th Grade Science
3rd hr. Space Exploration (Tr.1) or STEM (Tr. 2) 3rd hr. 7th Grade Science3rd hr. 7th Grade Science
4th hr. 7th Grade Science4th hr. 8th Grade Science4th hr. STEM (tr. 5) or Space Exploration (tr.6)
5th hr. 8th Grade Science5th hr. Prep 5th hr. 7th Grade Science
6th hr. Prep 6th hr. 7th Grade Science6th hr. prep