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Trimester OneTrimester TwoTrimester Three
Hora 1CompletedSpanish 4BSpanish 3B
Hora 2CompletedSpanish 3ASpanish 1B
Hora 3CompletedSpanish 1ASpanish 1B
Hora 4CompletedSpanish 4BSpanish 3B
Hora 5PrepPrepPrep

Slush Days Chaperones

Mon, 03/19/2018 - 7:58am

Dance Chaperones

Mrs. Christoffersen - Emily K.

Mrs. Woods - Carley K.

Ms. Berner - Cayden B.

Mrs. Gruebele - Jayden K.

Mr. Hedlund - Courtney S.

Mrs. Dingmann - Sam D.


Dodgeball Refs

Mr. Faber - Sara K.

Mr. Sauer - Mackenzie P.


Dodgeball Helpers - Wednesday 3/21 (show up at DEF at 6:15pm)

Ciera, Brynn, Anne, Robert
Megan, Sara, Madeline, Abby
Refs: Faber (Sara K), Sauer (Mackenzie P)
Coaches Carnival Friday 3/23 (3-5:15pm)
Building Blocks: Amy & Brynn
Inflatables: Ciera, Emily F, Grace
Mascot: Emily K & Alisha
Slush Days Dance 3/23 (8-11pm)
Set Up (5:30-8): Maggie, Cayden, Kate, Sam, Olivia
Clean up (11-11:45pm): Olivia, Anne, Madeline, Sam



Tue, 08/29/2017 - 1:39pm


Tue, 08/29/2017 - 1:00pm



School Board Student Members: ???????

Friday Morning Trivia: All Year ???????

Homecoming: September 18-22 ???????

-          Parade: 9/22 at 4pm (see Baumgarten)

-          Football game: 9/22

-          Ironman Volleyball: 9/20 (see Baumgarten)

-          Powderpuff Football: 9/20 (see Baumgarten)

-          Button

-          Pepfest (see Baumgarten)

-          Dance (Herrig DJ…rental equipment is $100)

-          Dress up days

Haunted House: October ???????

-          Decorations are in storage

-          Profits to be donated

Veterans Day: 11/11/2016 ???????

-          Program in the RHS gym…went very smoothly last year!

-          ** Invite more veterans…call around to American Legions in Richmond, Rockville, etc. **

Blood Drive: November 15 & January 17  ???????

-          Approved by Mr. Baumgarten & Mr. Jenson

-          Help workers bring stuff in

-          In charge of food and drink area

-          Deliver passes

-          Check students in

-          ADVERTISE!!!

Snow Days: January 30 – February 3 ???????

-          Dance (Herrig DJ…rental equipment is $100)

-          Dodgeball

-          Button? Shirt?

-          Pepfest (see Baumgarten)

-          Dress up days

Staff Appreciation Breakfast: April or May ???????

-          Pancakes, bacon, fruit, juice, milk

-          Do on a staff workshop day if possible

Yearbook Signing Day: May 31st most likely ???????

-          Two hour early out if nice outside

-          One hour early out if crappy outside

-          **See Guetter for some help with schedules**

Service Projects: All Year ???????

Student Senate Members

Mon, 04/10/2017 - 7:48pm

RHS Executive Board:

President: Brynn Sauer

Vice President: Allie Schramel

Secretary: Amy Bertram

Record Keeper: Sara Kelly

Senators at Large: Anne Stalboerger & Robert Glisky


Student Senate Members for Sophomores

Senators at Large: Emma Langer, Dylan Hallila

Secretary: Carley Kremer

Vice President: Cayden Botten

President: Maggie Linz


Senate Members for Juniors

Senators at Large: Olivia Hennen, Emily Fogelson, Courtney Sand, Alisha Fogelson

Secretary: Emily Kieke

Vice President: Alexa Hennen

President: Ciera Bacon


Student Senate Members for Seniors

Senators at Large: Jayda Woods, Lindsey Okeson

Secretary: Jenna Barker

Vice President: Lauren Karls

President: Rachel Neugart


Appointed Members: Callie Swanberg, Allie Schramel, Dylan Schaefer, Robert Glisky, Payton Johannes


Senate Members for Freshmen

Botten, Cayden

Dingmann, Sam

Eisenschenk, Andrea

Illies, Megan

Kelly, Sophie

Koll, Michaela

Kremer, Carley

Langer, Emma

Linz, Maggie

Okeson, Jessa

Peart, Nicolle

Steinhofer, Grace