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Welcome to my webpage.  I hope you the information on this page will help you navigate English in the Middle School this year.  I will be teaching 7th grade English, 8th grade English, Creative Writing, and Reading Skills!  I hope to see many of you in class this year.

I am going to encourage students in my class to bring electronic devices that have WiFi capabilities to my classes to aid in  researching.  If you have a tablet, laptop, or cell phone with internet access, please bring it.  There will be strict rules about usage in class and there will be no texting or game playing while in class. 

I also have the expectation that every student in my English classes will have a novel with them everyday!  This requirement is for 7th and 8th grade English classes.  You may use an electronic tablet that carries your books if you want.  Reading for pleasure is elemental to my philosophy for teaching, understanding and using language arts.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me via email or my cell phone. (I will hand these out in class if you need them.)

Thanks, Mrs. Vierzba



Hi students! 

I hope you are on this page looking for information about my classes.  I will have a link to my syllabus for each of my classes.  Those will be below.  I have a new policy in my classes that allows students the ability to bring electronic devises to class to use for researching, reading novels, or other class mandated work.  Students will not be allowed to check email, text, of view their facebook during class, unless it is a specified activity.  My hope is that this will allow students more access to the information highway and to allow for more in-class work time versus assigned homework. 

If you have questions about what constitutes acceptable devices, please contact me.

Looking forward to a great year with all of you!

Mrs. V

Click here for English 7 Syllabus

Click here for English 8 Syllabus

Click here for Creative Writing Syllabus

Click here for Speech and Debate Syllabus

Tri OneTri TwoTri Three
Period 1: English 7English 7
Period 2: READING sKILLSReading Skills/Prep
Period 3: English 8English 7
Period 4English 7English 8
Period 5: English 7English 7
Period 6: PrepPrep/Creative Writing

Mrs. Vierzba's Chatter

Thu, 08/29/2013 - 11:52am

Hi bloggers, I wanted to announce that I will be adding a "publishing" link to my page for my creative writing students.  Once I figure it out, I will announce the upload.  Thanks for reading!  Mrs. V