Beth Gruebele

Hello!  My name is Beth Gruebele. Since I love to learn and help others to do the same, I decided to move into a career in education after working as a microbiologist for many years.  I now teach 10th Grade General Biology, 9th Grade Physical Science, and College Biology.  I'm excited to be back at RHS for the 2017-2018 school year.


General Biology Students: 

Click on the link below to access the Genetics Practice Test and Study Guide ANSWER KEY







The weekly schedule is subject to change.  Due dates will not be moved up unless necessary, but events may be rearranged as the week goes on.


  10th Grade Biology Physical Science College Biology
Monday 10/23

*Review Biomes & Cycles

Worktime: Ch. 3 Study Guide - DUE Tues, Cycles Poster -DUE Wed.

*KE/PE Review

Collect: KE/PE WKST

Q's on Mechanical Energy WKST

Mechanical Energy Lab

*Notes: Ch. 7

Worktime: Ch. 7 Study Guide - Due Wed

Tuesday 10/24

*Review for Quiz

Check and review Study Guide

Worktime: Cycles Poster

*KE/PE Quiz

Video: COR

Notes: COR

Bouncing Ball Lab

*Notes: Ch. 7

Lab: Chromotography

HW: Leaf coloring - DUE Th

Wednesday 10/25

*Quiz Ch. 3 & Biomes

Video: invasive species

Say Something Activity

*Finish bouncing ball lab - DUE

Notes: Thermal Energy

Thermal Energy PKT - DUE Tues

*Finish Chrom. Lab

Notes: Ch. 7

Review: Ch. 7

Correct: Ch. 7 Study Guide

Thursday 10/26

*Video: Wolves and Rivers

Notes: 5.1

Ch. 5 Study Guide - Due Tues

*Notes: Heat/Thermal Energy/Temp.

Worktime: Thermal Energy PKT


*Quiz Ch. 7

Notes: Ch. 8

Ch. 8 Study Guide - Due Tues

Friday 10/27

*Invasive Species Project: Buckthorn 

*Notes: Heat Transfer

Lab - Convection - Due

Heat 1/2 sheet - DUE Tues

*Notes: Ch. 8

Virtual Lab: Lab Bench #5

------------ ----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----------------------------------
Monday 10/16

*Vocab 3.1 &3.2 DUE

Notes: 3.3 & 3.4

Cycles Poster

*Test Review Pkt DUE

momentum 1/2 Sheet Ex. Crd. DUE

Force/momentum Test


*Ch. 6 Take Home Quiz DUE

Ch. 4-6 Test  - Clickers


Tuesday 9/26

*Vocab Quiz 3.1 & 3.2

Biome Webquest - Due Wed

Worktime: Ch. 3 Study Guide

*Notes: KE and PE

KE and PE Wkst

*Ch. 4-6 Test - free response

Photosynthesis simulation

Wednesday 9/27

*Biome Map


Ch. 3 Study Guide due Mon 10/23

Cycles Poster Due 10/24

*KE/PE Review Kahoot

finish KE/PE Wkst - DUE

Mechanical Energy Calc' Wkst Due Mon


*Notes: Ch. 7

Photosynthesis Wkst

Ch. 7 Study Guide

Thursday 9/28

*MEA Break

*MEA Break

*MEA Break

Friday 9/29

*MEA Break

*MEA Break

*MEA Break




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