Band / Choir Orlando Trip (April 2013)

    Band / Choir Mandatory Rehearsal Dates/Time

March 25 (Monday) Choir 6:00-7:15, Band 7:30-8:45

April 8 (Monday) Band 6:00-7:15, Choir 7:30-8:45

April 15 (Monday) Choir 6:00-7:15, Band 7:30-8:45

April 22 (Monday) Band 6:00-7:15, Choir 7:30-8:45


    Band / Choir Trip April Meeting

TBD - (3rd of 4th week of April)


Copy of the packet from the September trip meeting

ROCORI Band/Choir Orlando Trip

Commitment Form


Each student or chaperone going on the Orlando Trip must complete this form and turn it in, along with the first payment by October 3rd.


I, ___________________________ (circle: student   /    chaperone) am willing to commit to the ROCORI Band and Choir trip to Orland, Fl.; leaving Cold Spring on Thursday,  April 25, 2013 and returning on Tuesday, April 30, 2013.  To qualify for this trip as a student, I will be participating in two trimesters (4 terms) of band or choir during the 2012-2013 school year.  I understand that I will be sent home at my family’s expense if I do not comply with the rules and regulations of the ROCORI High School Handbook and the MN State High School League during the entire trip.  As a chaperone, I understand that I will be responsible for the students under my assignment for the entirety of the trip.


With my signature and, if a student, then also the signature of my parent or guardian, I am committing to participation in the band and choir trip to Orlando.  Enclosed is $150.00 per student or chaperone as a commitment payment.


Student or Chaperone Signature: _______________________________ Date: _________


If student, Parent / Guardian Signature: __________________________ Date: ________


If student, I am a member of (circle):     Band & Choir         Band               Choir


My commitment payment of $150.00 is enclosed (circle):    Check [preferred]        Cash


Parent / Guardian e-mail address: ____________________________________________



A newly-designed T-Shirt will be worn as the uniform for all performances that each group will participate in.  Please circle the size of T-Shirt you would like ordered.  There will be no additional cost for the T-Shirt. (The shirts will all be adult male sizes)


Please circle size:       XS   S     M    L    XL   XXL   XXXL             


This form must be completed for each student &/or chaperone.



Place this form, your commitment payment of $150.00, and a completed Insurance and Contact Form, with copy of insurance card, in an envelope.  Tape the appropriate Payment Form in the front of the envelope and turn it in at the September 25th meeting or submit directly to Mrs. Morford or Mr. Hutar by October 3.rd


ROCORI Band/Choir Orlando Trip

Insurance and Contact Information


The following information is needed for each student or chaperone that is going on the trip.  Qualified Band and Choir students will be traveling with RHS staff members as well as parent chaperones that will assist in the care and supervision of the students.  Please complete the following information.


PRINT FULL AND LEGAL NAME: ____________________          __________________            ______________

                                                                             (First)                                    (Middle)                               (Last)

Address: ______________________________________________________________________________


Phone Numbers:  (H) __________________  (W) _____________________  (Cell)___________________


I am a (circle):        Band and Choir Student           Band only Student          Choir only Student           Chaperone


INSURANCE INFORMATION:  Please attach a copy of the Front and Back of your insurance card.


Medical Insurance Company: __________________________________  Policy #____________________


Name of Person carrying policy: _______________________ Student or Chaperone Birth date: _________


MEDICATIONS: If the student is taking ANY prescription medication, we need to know what it is and what condition it is being taken for, even if they are responsible for it themselves.  Information will be shared only with the instructor and chaperone in charge of your student.


Student is currently taking the following medications: __________________________________________

for: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Allergies: ____ Yes ____No     If Yes, please explain: __________________________________________


____ I prefer that, while on the trip, my child be responsible for keeping any prescriptions that he/she may be taking.  He/she will be responsible for its safety and for taking it at the correct times.


____ I prefer that, while on the trip, my child NOT carry their own prescriptions.  I agree that a chaperone will carry the prescription and my child will be responsible for coming to that chaperone to get the prescription as needed.



A parent or guardian can be contacted at the following phone numbers:


Home: ________________________    Father’s work number:  ___________________________


Other: ________________________     Mother’s work number: ___________________________


Person(s) to be contacted in case a parent or guardian cannot be reached:


Name: _____________________________           Phone Number: ___________________________________


Relationship: _________________________________________________________________________


Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian: ______________________________  Date:______________


Specific questions on this form: please contact Judy Anderson at 320-363-8262


Either, send this completed form, with copy of insurance card attached to:       Judy Anderson

                                                                                                                                29902 156th Ave.

                                                                                                                                St. Joseph, MN 56374-9633


Or…you may submit this form, with copy of insurance card attached either at the Sept. 25th meeting or directly to Mr. Hutar or Mrs. Morford.


ROCORI Band/Choir Orlando Trip

First Payment Due: Oct. 3rd, 2012



Name _________________________    Amount: ___$150.00____





ROCORI Band/Choir Orlando Trip

Second Payment Due: Nov. 7th, 2012



Name _________________________   Amount: ___$150.00____


   Amount Enclosed _________    Amount from Quota ________





ROCORI Band/Choir Orlando Trip

Third Payment Due: Jan. 9th, 2013


Name _________________________   Amount: ___$150.00____


   Amount Enclosed _________    Amount from Quota ________





ROCORI Band/Choir Orlando Trip

Fourth Payment Due: Feb. 6th, 2013


Name _________________________   Amount: ___$150.00____


   Amount Enclosed _________    Amount from Quota ________





ROCORI Band/Choir Orlando Trip

Final Payment Due: Mar. 6th, 2013


Name _________________________   Amount: (TBD)___________         


   Amount Enclosed _________    Amount from Quota ________

Tentative Orland 2013 Itinerary


April 25           Thursday 

12:01 am                 Load Luggage & equiptment

12:30 am                 Depart for Florida    3x $5 meals included

April 26           Friday

  6:30 am                 Arrive in Cocoa Beach at Ron Jon’s Surf  Shop open 24 hours.

 7:30 am                  Depart for Crowne Plaza Hotel, directly on the Ocean, change into beach wear.

10:30 am                 Change into street clothes.

10:45 am                 BBQ on Beach front

11:15 am                 Depart for Epcot Center.        

12:25 pm                 Disney Epcot – meal pass included.

10:00 pm                 Depart for motel after World Illuminations

10:15 pm                 Arrive motel

10:30 pm                 Bed Check

April 27           Saturday  

 8:00 am                  Continental Breakfast at Motel room  

 8:30 am                  Depart for Disney – Hollywood Studios

 9:00 am                  Arrive Hollywood Studios –- meal pass included.

TBA                        Meet in Bus Parking for performance

                                Don’t miss Fantasmic Show at 7:30pm 

 8:15 pm                  Depart Hollywood Studios after Fantasmic

10:30 pm                 Bed Check

April 28           Sunday     

8:00 am                   Continental Breakfast at Motel

8:30 am                   Depart for Magic Kingdom –- meal pass included.

10:30 pm                 Depart for motel after fire works

11:00 pm                 Bed Check

April 29           Monday          

   8:00 am                Continental Breakfast at Motel

   8:30 am                Depart for Disney Animal Kingdom –- meal pass included.

   4:45 pm                Depart for Home eat dinner before departure as next food stop is breakfast

April 30           Tuesday

  8:00 pm                 Arrive School   2x $5 meals included



  • Possible changes
    • We would like to add a 2nd performance (either at Disney or someplace on the way down
    • I believe that the band and choir will perform on 2 different days while we are at Disney