Allison Ley

Welcome!  My name is Allison Ley and I am the 6th grade Minnesota Studies teacher here at ROCORI Middle School. I graduated from the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University. This is my fourth year teaching in the ROCORI school district, and I am very excited for the year to come!  I also help coach middle school Knowledge Bowl and help run the middle school Yearbook Club. 

Great Depression Webquest Links

Link for # 1-4: 

Link for # 5-6:

Link for # 7:

Link for # 8-9:

Link for # 10:

Link for # 11:

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Link for # 13:

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Helpful Links for Civil War ABC Book

All about the American Civil War:

List of words relating to the Civil War:

Fast Facts:

List of generals during the war:

Important People of the Civil War:

PBS Civil War page:

List of Civil War Battles:

American Civil War topics (looks blank at the top, but scroll down to choose different topics):


Fall 2014 Schedule
Period 1: 6th Grade MN Studies
Period 2: 6th Grade MN Studies
Period 3: 6th Grade MN Studies
Period 4: Prep Hour
Period 5: 6th Grade MN Studies
Period 6: 6th Grade MN Studies