ROCORI Area Learning Center

Opportunities and Options


"The only real failure in life is one not learned from." ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo



The ROCORI Area Learning Center is located on the ROCORI High School campus. The center offers a Night School Program in the evening and an Alterantive High School Program during the regular school day. The ALC is open to students from ROCORI and neighboring districts.


The Alternative High School Program is for students in the 8th-12th grades who, for a variety of possible reasons, are not being successful in the traditional high school setting. The day program includes all of the basic academic required courses. There are many options available to students who qualify including full-time ALC classes, ALC classes and work program, and a mixture of ALC and ROCORI High School classes utilizing both learning sites.


Enrollment is limited and preference will be given to students who are committed to making necessary academic and social changes, becoming more successful in schoool, and graduating with their peers.


If you would like more information regarding these two ALC programs, eligibility criteria and registration procedure, contact Jen Illies or Craig Lieser, High School ALC guidance counselors, at 685-4916 or Marsha Gilbertson, Middle School ALC guidance counselor, at 685-4173.