English Language (EL) Programming / Programación del Idioma Inglés (EL)

ROCORI Public Schools provides services for many students who speak a primary language other than English in their home. In order to meet the needs of students who require support in language acquisition and fluency, the District employs teachers licensed in the area of English as a Second Language and teacher assistants with special training.

Services include:

  • Evaluations,
  • Direct instruction in small groups,
  • Consultation with other teachers,
  • Alternative testing,
  • Monitoring of progress, and
  • Parental Communication

Classroom teachers have primary responsibility for all students, including those with English language learning needs.

In addition:


  • EL licensed teachers provide direct English language instruction to students in four domains of instruction: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing;
  • EL licensed teachers provide consultation support to classroom/content area teachers and student support staff, to succeed academically based on each student’s English language learning needs;
  • EL program staff and support staff (cultural liaison, guidance counselors, nurses) provide culturally responsive resources and services to EL students and their families;
  • Teacher assistants are used in limited ways to support the direct instruction provided by the licensed teachers.















English Language Program Plan K-12 (Spanish)



Parent Involvement

Fall Family Involvement Night Elementary (Spanish)

Spring Family Involvement Night Elementary (Spanish)

Fall Family Involvement (6-12) (Spanish)

Spring Family Involvement (6-12) (Spanish)



Student Group by Program Levels (Spanish)

EL Program Entrance Letter  (Spanish)


ACCESS Assessment Table

Grades 1-2 Can-Do Descriptors

Grades 3-5 Can-Do Descriptors

Grades 6-8 Can-Do Descriptors

Grades 9-12 Can-Do Descriptors

Progress Reports

Progress Report - Elementary (Spanish)

Progress Report - Secondary (Spanish)













Meet the EL Team

Gwen Anderson
Elementary EL Teacher / Maestra de EL de la Primaria
Email / Correo Electrónico: andersong@rocori.k12.mn.us
Telephone / Teléfono: 320-685-4185, x3124


Patricia Ayala
District Multi-Cultural Liaison / Enlace Multi-Cultural del Distrito
Email / Correo Electrónico: ayalap@rocori.k12.mn.us
Telephone / Teléfono: 320-685-4185, x4135


Leah Anderson
High School EL Teacher / Maestra de EL de la Preparatoria
Email/ Correo Electrónico: andersonleah@rocori.k12.mn.us
Telephone / Teléfono: 320-685-4185, x4146

Laura Eley
Elementary EL Teacher / Maestra de EL de la Primaria
Email/ Correo Electrónico: eleyl@rocori.k12.mn.us
Telephone / Teléfono: 320-685-4185, x4146



Nicole Wurdak
Middle School EL Teacher / Maestra de EL de la Secundaria
Email / Correo Electrónico: wurdakn@rocori.k12.mn.us
Telephone / Teléfono: 320-685-4185, x4329