8th Grade Volleyball 2017

HI, my name is Correne Keefauver, and I am excited for another great year of coaching volleyball and making connections with students in my classroom and in activities.  I am a firm believer in students' participation in sports and activities!  My 3 children really grew from their involvement in ROCORI activities. 

I have been coaching volleyball at  ROCORI Middle School for 19 seasons since 1992, just taking a few seasons off when my children were young and when I worked to earn my Master's degree.    I played a setter for volleyball at V.I.T. High School in Illinois, where I grew up.  l played intramural volleyball iat Western Illinois University.  As an adult, I have played in the co-rec and women's league volleyball through ROCORI Community Education and have attended many camps and coaching clinics, most recently for J.O. Volleyball.  I  coached J.O. volleyball for 8 seasons.

This year, I will be coaching 8th grade volleyball with Arin Spindler, who has  volleyball coaching experience in her previous district,  Together, we will strive to improve skills among our players and make sure that all of our players leave with a strong understanding of the 6-2 offense and rover defense.  I hope all of the girls enjoy the season!

I am attaching our calendar for September and October.  The girls will also receive copies of the calendar at our first practices on on the first day of school!  Please remember to pay the $100.00 participation fee and to complete the required MSHSL forms as soon as possible.  If you know of other players or parents who are seeking information about 8th grade volleyball, please let them know about this page and  that they may access this web page off of my staff webpage under ROCORI Middle School English/Language Arts or from the ROCORI athletics webpage.


Correne Keefauver