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ROCORI School Board member Nadine Schnettler has been named to the 2014 All State School Board.  Recognition as an All State Board Member is the Minnesota School Boards Association’s (MSBA) most prestigious award. The award will be given during a luncheon Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014, at MSBA’s annual Leadership Conference.  

In recognition of Nadine’s nomination and selection, I would like to share some additional information about Nadine and the All State School Board award!



“The All State School Board represents the highest example of board service. These are school board members who are committed to student achievement, determined to build support for their local schools and unwavering in their pursuit of what’s best for students,” MSBA Executive Director Kirk Schneidawind said.

There are nearly 2,300 school board members in Minnesota.  Each year, MSBA’s awards committee selects up to seven individual board members to the All State School Board. Schnettler was one of seven board members chosen for the award this year.



The All State School Board is intended to identify and recognize school board members across the state who have exhibited positive leadership qualities and have made a difference in the education of students.  MSBA’s nomination information regarding the All State School Board recognition explains that this “recognizes an individual’s outstanding contributions to students and public education.”

Board members are nominated by superintendents, fellow board members, parents or community members for their outstanding contributions to public education. A nomination form, a letter of support from the superintendent, a letter of support from another school board member or the full board, and a “resume” of board experience is required in the process.

As part of the nomination process, the School Board submitted a letter of support which stated, “In our collective opinion, Nadine is an excellent example of a positive and effective school board member!  We wholeheartedly, and collectively, support the nomination of Nadine Schnettler for Minnesota All-State School Board!

MSBA’s information about the award indicates that this “recognizes an individual’s outstanding contributions to students and public education.”  Criteria for the award includes MSBA training, strong leadership; excellence in boardsmanship; communication skills; visionary thinking; demonstration of concern for students, staff and taxpayers; and support for the nomination from stakeholders.



Nadine has served the ROCORI District for eight years.  She has clearly and effectively demonstrated patterns of behavior and engagement that reflect the qualities desired!  Nadine has made outstanding contributions to the ROCORI school district because of her dedication to the community and district, relationship building skills and invaluable perspective.

She engages throughout the district, at a wide variety of levels, while maintaining a good sense of support rather than “influence.”  She is a positive supporter of other school board members, reflects well the spirit of the school district in meetings or activities throughout the communities, serves as a district and student advocate on other governing boards or structures, and is very professional in her interactions as a school leader.



Nadine is a strong, yet positive influence for the entire ROCORI School Board.  She is a very visible School Board representative who understands the balance between governance and management.  The ROCORI district has worked hard, over the past few years, to understand and implement a governance model of school board leadership.  Through the development of the district strategic roadmap, the implementation of its strategic directions, and the allocation of appropriate resources to complete the tasks, Nadine has learned, demonstrated and supported school board leadership by governance rather than management.

The recommendation letter submitted on behalf of the school board explained, “As board chair, Nadine sets a healthy tone that balances listening and action. She is careful to let conversations come to completion before moving through the agenda, yet task and action oriented. Her management of difficult topics allows our group to have honest and frank discussions, where six unique viewpoints can be voiced and heard.“



The School Board’s nomination letter to MSBA explained that, “Nadine’s dedication to serving on the board is evident by the depth and breadth of her involvement. She serves on more than her fair share of sub-committees. The subcommittees include district, county, and state levels, which involve travel and considerable amounts of time.”

During her tenure on the ROCORI School Board, Nadine has held a number of different offices and leadership roles. She has been the Chair for the past six years and served as Treasurer before that.

Nadine has been part of the Negotiations Committee, Meet and Confer Representative, Student Placement Appeals, Facilities and Grounds, Board Finance Committee, Community Finance Committee, Referendum Committee, Keep ROCORI Proud, MSHSL Contact, 5th Monday Community, Insurance Committee, and the Ad Hoc Transportation Committee.

In addition to service in ROCORI, Nadine has been on the Benton-Stearns Education District Board, serving as Chair for seven years.  She has been on the Resource Training and Solutions Board for the past seven years.  In the past, Nadine also served on the Joint Powers #6074 ALC Governing Board.

Through MSBA, Nadine has engaged in 231 hours of training since her election to the board.  Nadine regularly participates in training experiences and opportunities.



MSBA is a private nonprofit organization that provides cost-saving programs, management support, board training, advocacy, research and referral for Minnesota’s public schools.

Previously, Eva Kluempke and Lynn Schurman from the ROCORI School Board have been recognized as All State Board Members.  Eva Kluempke was recognized in January 2004.  Lynn Schurman was recognized in January, 2005.

Congratulations, Nadine, on this prestigious recognition!