There are a few brief topics I would like to cover this week.



During American Education Week, our local teacher association, Education Minnesota—ROCORI, recognizes volunteer work and support of educational activities throughout the district by offering its Friend of Education award.   The award is typically presented on Wednesday at the American Legion Tea.

Brenda Timm was honored this year as the recipient of the award.  Brenda has been an ardent supporter of education in many different ways over the years!  She has been a leader of the Cold Spring Elementary PTC, has volunteered for many different programs and activities, has been active in leadership groups in the district, and has been involved in election efforts. 

Brenda is always a very positive influence in every organization in which she has been involved.  She works hard to make improvements for students and is a strong advocate for children in all that she does.

Congratulations, Brenda, on the recognition as ROCORI’s Friend of Education!



The American Legion site hosted the annual staff Tea and recognition during American Education Week.  The Legion Auxiliary provided late afternoon treats for the school staff.  It was a wonderful afternoon event to honor the work of school employees in working with students.

On behalf of the school district and the school staff, I would like to extend a note of thanks to the American Legion post and the Auxiliary for the great event!  We appreciate the opportunity to be your guests for the Tea and the hospitality extended for the event!  Thank you!



Over the past few weeks, the high school office and district office have received some reports about drug activity, particularly marijuana use, which may be occurring among students.  We appreciate the reports and take the information seriously.  We communicate regularly with the Cold Spring Police Department on such issues and the more information we have, the better we can approach situations—but we certainly appreciate tips and information provided!

A number of things are helpful with reports.  The more specific the information, the better we can pursue the situation.  If, for example, there is a concern about a particular location of the building or time of day, the detail helps us to deploy staff members, to use our electronic equipment (cameras and other surveillance equipment), or observe the interactions better. 

We are able to track information through many of our systems, so if we have specific dates and times, we can also go back to try to observe incidents that have been recorded.

As I noted, we work very closely with the Cold Spring Police Department on many issues, but in particular, on issues of student drug use!  This is an area in which the deployment of the School Resource Officer has direct value and benefit as the officer is on campus, can observe or investigate situations directly, and can help to monitor interactions. 

The Cold Spring Police Department also has a canine unit which is able to come into the school setting to conduct searches.  The relationship with the Police Department allows us to make use of search efforts as fully as needed—and they are often arranged through the School Resource Officer.

Both the CSPD and the ROCORI School District believe in aggressively addressing the issues of drug use.  The reports we have recently received are very helpful in raising our awareness of what may be occurring in the community and in our school settings, in helping us to address the issues, and in setting conditions to deal with the situation.  We appreciate the contacts and will do what we are able to follow through on the reports.



The ROCORI Girls Tennis team and the ROCORI Football team were recognized this fall by the Central Lakes Conference coaches with Sportsmanship awards.  The recognition is extended to one team in each conference activity area based on student, team and fan sportsmanship demonstrated during the season. 

The recognition is quite an honor from the Central Lakes Conference.  It is a tribute not only to the efforts on the field of play, but to the quality of character displayed throughout the contests by everyone involved!  Congratulations on the recognition earned in football and girls’ tennis!



I will return to this topic separately, but the sportsmanship award is a good reminder that we do, as a district have a fan behavior policy in place!  We want to encourage and promote good sportsmanship across the district for all students, fans and supporters of ROCORI activities.

Our policy is one point of emphasis of good sportsmanship.  If you have followed the news, however, you are certainly aware of issues of concern (not only in Minnesota but in other states as well) of team and fan behavior that has crossed the line.  Again, we want to support and model good sportsmanship for all of our activities and programs.

Thank you for the efforts that have allowed two programs to earn positive recognition this fall!  We want to continue that positive approach throughout the winter activities season as well!



We are already well into the month of November with Thanksgiving already this week!  Enjoy the great fall season!  We have been having a great school year!  Thanks for being a part of our school system!