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Earlier this fall, we received information about and registered the ROCORI School District through the GiveMN fundraising program.  Because Thursday, November 12, is recognized as Give Minnesota Day across the state, I thought I would share some additional information about the program and the tools available to the district.



GiveMN is a Minnesota nonprofit that specializes in grassroots fundraising.  The organization is dedicated to helping schools and other nonprofit organizations connect with donors online.  The donation opportunity comes from the Bush Foundation and GiveMN.org. 

The GiveMN website offers the following description of their purpose and function:

“What if giving was easier and more fun? That’s the simple question that launched GiveMN.  Tons of work and heaping helpings of generosity gave us the answer: It would be awesome.

“GiveMN launched in 2009 as a collaborative venture led by Minnesota Community Foundation and many other organizations committed to helping make our state a better place.

“To generate excitement, we organized a little something called Give to the Max Day. That spark touched off a blast of online giving — $14 million in 24 hours. Since that trial run in 2009, Give to the Max Day has become an annual tradition. Every year thousands of organizations raise money to improve the quality of life in Minnesota and communities around the world.

“We’re thrilled how Minnesotans have embraced Give to the Max Day. But GiveMN is more than a one-day giving extravaganza. We are a giving website available year-round to link people with nonprofits and schools and make giving soar.”



According to their website, the goals of GiveMN are described as follows:

“GiveMN is Minnesota’s front door for charitable giving.  Come on in and we’ll make giving simple, rewarding and fun – for you and the organizations and schools that need your help.

“Our goal is to create an unparalleled state of giving in Minnesota. We are constantly developing new ways to grow giving in Minnesota. And we’re doing it without making anyone peddle chocolate bars or serve a single rubber chicken dinner.

“GiveMN.org is the place to find the charitable causes you want to support. Use our site to make online donations anytime from anywhere.

“We make it easy to give.  Just search for the nonprofits and schools of your choice, or browse by topic or location, and make a donation. You can track your giving and set up ongoing contributions. You also can create individual or team fundraisers.

“For nonprofit organizations and schools, we take the hassle and stress out of fundraising. We provide organizations of all sizes the tools they need to share their story, connect with more donors, and accept and track charitable contributions.”

GiveMN links donors with organizations that are working to make Minnesota a better place. Its online giving website, GiveMN.org, enables charitable giving any time and any place, allowing people to donate with ease and enthusiasm. GiveMN brings innovation, energy and fresh ideas to Minnesota generosity.



GiveMN, according to its website,  “is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and an affiliate of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners. Launched in 2009 by Minnesota Community Foundation, GiveMN is supported by many generous foundation and corporate partners from around the state, as well as generous individuals.

“Today, GiveMN serves nearly 8,400 nonprofit organizations and schools across every Minnesota county and more than 227,000 donors who have used GiveMN to make a difference in their communities. Organizations rely on GiveMN to help shatter old-school fundraising models and connect more givers with more causes than ever before.”



The GiveMN nonprofit website explains that it” is designed to make donating money online as safe, easy and quick as possible.  Their goal is to allow schools to have a secure fundraising capability.

“This initiative provides public schools with a free fundraising page on GiveMN.org.  The process allows schools to accept donations through their giving website.

“GiveMN is a great example of the richness of Minnesota’s philanthropic commitment and a great opportunity to enhance local fundraising efforts schools may be doing in their own communities.

“Last fall, over 250 schools in Minnesota raised $600,000. During our inaugural Schools on GiveMN push, GiveMN coordinated a world record breaking Give to the Max Day by raising $16.4 million in a single day! We are thrilled to see just how much we can help you raise for your school in the coming year.”



Give to the Max Day is set for Thursday, November 12.  The ROCORI School District, as well as individual buildings, is identified as possible organizations to support during the fundraising effort.  If you are interested in supporting the district or an individual school, we would encourage you to participate in the efforts on Thursday.