As the calendar continues to roll forward, there is no question we are at the start of another school year!  Activities are underway as all of the fall sports have started.  Staff members were back to prepare for the school year last week. The first day of school for students occurred on Tuesday, September 6! 

We have had a great couple weeks of preparation as new staff came to work in the district on August 22.  The new teachers had three days of opportunities to learn about the district, each other, and about the programs we have to offer.  With the return of all staff, we had several days of building preparations and district in-service to help plan, organize and get ready for opening day.



On Thursday, September 1, our back to school day was dominated by district issues and topics.  We typically have a district breakfast, a welcome to the school year, some core topics or themes to address, and a luncheon with our business community. 

The luncheon has been conducted for nearly a decade. The Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce and the Richmond Civic and Commerce members are invited to the school for a luncheon with all of the school staff.  It is a wonderful opportunity to bring many leaders of the business community together with our school staff.

For the last several years, our food service staff has worked hard to prepare a typical “school lunch” for everyone.  The past couple years the meal has been a taco bar—softshell tacos, “Cowboy caviar” and related items!  The meal is well-received and gives community members a little idea of how the lunch program works.

After some introductory remarks, the members of the business community are extended an opportunity to introduce themselves, their business, and to make a few comments to the staff!  Although the “presentations” are brief, they help our staff to know more about the businesses in the community as well as to learn ways in which we might be able to partner!  It is fun to hear about each business and the perspective brought to the community!

This year, we were able to add two additional highlights.  The Cold Spring Area Chamber recognized the recipient of the Summer “Employee of the Quarter.”  Joannie Maki, server at Marnanteli’s, was nominated and recognized with this award!  The award included certificates for the recipient and the business, gift cards to The Great Blue Heron and the Red River Inn, and opportunity to attend the annual Holiday Party of the Chamber.  Congratulations Joannie on this recognition!

The second presentation was made by Pat Donlan, Zach Studanski and Brianna Larisen.  The three were very active in the development of the 2016 Community Showcase.  Students from the high school Student Senate. National Honor Society, and RADD (ROCORI Against Destructive Decisions) organizations had volunteered assistance with different parts of the Showcase.  The Chamber board, and the Showcase committee, had determined the three organizations should be offered some of the proceeds from the Showcase!  Brian Herrig, Jen Sabol, and Dean Kron received the donations from the Chamber.

The luncheon proved to be a very successful event.  It is always a pleasure and privilege to bring the school staff into connection with our business community!



As the school year has opened, we have experienced some traffic and parking situations that I would like to review!  After a summer of construction, some of our patterns need to be re-established and it seemed appropriate to cover them here!

Students are asked to secure a parking permit for the south lot at the high school.  We certainly encourage students to use our parking lots rather than the streets around the campus.  As a reminder to students, the neighbors around the school site have needs as well and appreciate having their streets open to their use!

The north end of the campus is not open as a “through street.”  During the school day, the gates surrounding the blacktop between the secondary building and Cold Spring Elementary are closed to secure the area.  It is frequently used as outdoor play space for students at CSE. 

Before and immediately after school, that area is also our bus loading and unloading zone.  Parents dropping students at school in the morning or picking up students after school are asked to use the front of the secondary site and the east side of CSE for these purposes.  Moving cars and vehicles in the bus zone create significant hazards and are dangerous for our students!

We encourage, at the Cold Spring Elementary site, parents to use the “loop” in front of the school to drop students at the site.  Parents who want to walk their students into the school are asked to use the parking spaces at the south end of the loop or the new diagonal spaces along the sidewalk to park and walk.  The stretch along the sidewalk (outside of the yellow striping) should be used to drop students off—without parking or staying in place.  This allows traffic to keep moving efficiently through the loop.

For home football games, fans attending the games should avoid parking on County Road 50.  There is a gravel parking lot north of the baseball and football fields that can be used for parking.  The walk from this lot is actually shorter than areas on County Road 50 and is certainly less hazardous than parking on the highway!



It has been an exciting couple weeks as we have prepared to open the school doors to students.  We have a lot of great things happening in the ROCORI Schools—with many things for which we can be very proud!  The luncheon with our local businesses was a great celebration of our partnerships!  Our preparations will allow us to meet students and their needs as they come to us!  We trust it will be an exciting and valuable journey through the 2016-2017 school year!


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