Last week saw students return to the ROCORI District for classes as we opened the 2012-13 school year!  All things considered, we got off to a great start as most of the first few days unfolded with relatively calm, deliberate, and directed activities.  The first week was a very good opening week across the district.  As part of the first week, I just want to comment on a few quick issues for the remainder of the article. 



Transportation seemed to move quite efficiently and “picked up” where the year ended in 2011-12.  From the first morning this year, the buses were able to bring students in, drop them off in the bus zone area, and depart without much hesitation or difficulty.  The whole process flowed very well from the first morning.

We very much appreciate that parents and residents respect that the area between the secondary building and Cold Spring Elementary is, especially at the beginning and end of the day, a bus safety drop off zone.  During the loading and unloading periods (before and after school), it is critical that vehicles other than the buses stay out of this area of the school grounds!  For the maximum safety of our students, we need parent, resident and other student cooperation in keeping all other vehicles out of the loading and unloading zone.

Traffic in this area has been much improved this first week of school!  We have only had a few vehicles go into the area and most have been very cooperative when they realize they have entered the bus zone.  The campus is not a “through street” at any time, but we especially need parent and resident help to keep the area free of traffic when school buses fill the area!

On one other transportation note, if parents and students know that they will not be using transportation services during the school year, please contact us with that information so that we can make those adjustments to the bus routes and schedules!  We appreciate your assistance!



As we have gone through the first week of school, it is exciting to share that our enrollment across the ROCORI District has turned out to be a little bit higher than anticipated from last spring.  We were expecting an overall drop of enrollment from last year.  As students reported to school, we essentially have a stable student population from last year—although the base of population has shifted from the upper grades more toward the lower grades. 

We had 2,011 students last year and we opened with 2,009 this year.  We were expecting, however, to drop well below 2,000 students as our projections indicated we would open with 1,970 students

At the elementary level, we opened on Tuesday with 26 students more than we expected.  The middle school was down by one student from our expectations.  The senior high reported 14 students more than anticipated.  Overall, this means that we had an enrollment of 39 more students than we were expecting at the start of the year—which is great news for the district.



Earlier, I shared information about the federal food service changes which require us to adjust the types of food available in the lunch program.  As we have shared, those changes are part of federal legislation intended to encourage healthy choices among students and encourage better nutritional options in student meals.

The element that I did not offer in the discussion was that the district does offer a broad food service program to our students.  A breakfast program is available at all of our school sites for all students.  The breakfast program operates at the elementary as well as the secondary levels!  Students who qualify for free or reduced school lunch program also qualify for free or reduced breakfast program and may want, if not already doing so, to participate in the breakfast programs.

Parents who wish to explore information about free and/or reduced food service options may contact the district office for an application form.  Beyond access to food service programs, the state and federal governments also use counts in the food service programs to determine district and building eligibility for other programs and grants.

Parents with questions about any of the food service programs may contact the kitchens or any of the offices across the district.



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