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We are quickly moving through the month of August which means we are getting close to the opening of the 2015-2016 school year.  After a break during the month of July, it is a privilege and a pleasure to return to the task of "filling" the space allowed in the Cold Spring Record on a regular basis.



It is my desire to use this space to share information about the school system.  I believe the space can be a useful tool in sharing information about issues, events, programs, and decisions in the school district as well as items about education in general.

At different times of the year, I will cover various topics and issues.  As we go through the year, some of the articles will prove to be time-specific—they will be used to cover immediate issues in the district.  At other times, the articles will highlight information about education in general or themes or topics about education. 

I hope regular readers will find something worthwhile in the articles as they are provided throughout the year.



It is a sure sign of the school year when the fall athletic activities get underway.  Football players opened practice on August 10 along with the girls’ tennis program.  The other fall activities for senior high athletes (and those practicing with the varsity level teams) open their seasons on August 17.  Other activities include cross-country, senior high volleyball, girls swimming, soccer and other fall activities.  The fall marching band has already been hard at work as well.

Activities Director Joel Baumgarten has scheduled an activities training experience for August 17.  Top Twenty presenters will be in the district to share information and ideas about living “above the line” with athletes, coaches and parents throughout the day.  The parent session is set for Monday evening.  We are excited to have the Top Twenty presentations as, through district staff development efforts, we have made this a part of our culture over the last few years.



New members of the school staff report to school for orientation processes beginning this week!  On Monday, August 17, we begin sessions with new staff members and continue through Wednesday. 

The new staff will be provided information about the district, meet other new staff members, visit their school sites, talk with the building principal, and “adjust” to the new school setting.



All staff members return to school during the week of August 24 with workshop and in-service days scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week.  The school open houses for students are scheduled that week as well with the open houses set for Wednesday, August 26. 

We have a district-wide in-service day set for Thursday, August 27.  The day includes a luncheon with the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce, Richmond Civic and Commerce, and all school staff. 

Because of the uncertainty of what the legislature would allow, we do have our keynote presentation to staff set for Thursday, September 3.  School will be in session in the morning for students and staff will be hearing from Kevin Honeycutt—a nationally recognized speaker.  We are excited to bring Mr. Honeycutt to the district.



Parents should have gotten and returned transportation information already.  The transportation forms are on-line with the ROCORI School District website.  The bus routes are in the process of being developed and the regular bus route information should be coming back to parents in the near future.

School resumes across the district on Tuesday, September 1.  The legislature adjusted the date school districts could have students return for classes and the board authorized the September 1 start date.  Normally, school starts following the Labor Day weekend, but because Labor Day falls on the 7th of September the board adjusted to the earlier start time. 



I truly appreciate the willingness of the staff at the Record to allow the space, review the materials, and work to get information out to the public.  It is a tremendous privilege to work with the professional staff at the paper and to be able to share information with our school district.