At the conclusion of the year, the ROCORI District takes time to recognize employees for their service in the school system.  The end of the year program honors those who have been in the district for a period of time as well as those who are departing from the district for retirement purposes.



I would like to start by honoring those who have provided services in the district of an extended period of time.  Our service recognition begins with employees who have completed 15 or more years of service in the system and we continue with recognition for every five year increment. 

The following staff members were recognized as the year drew to a close.

15 years—started service in 2002-2003:  Tammy Botten (High School Science and Math); Jennifer Illies-Sabol (High School Counselor); Kara Linz (Cold Spring Elementary Kindergarten); Kerry Peterson (Early Childhood/School Readiness); Jonelle Philippi (Secondary Food Service); Mary Doering (Secondary Food Service and Cleaning), and Scott Staska (Superintendent of Schools).

20 years—started service in 1997-1998:  Warren Christie (High School Industrial Technology); Doris Faber            (Cold Spring Elementary Head Custodian); Craig Lieser (High School Counselor); Suzanne Phillips (Secondary Paraprofessional); Mary Ann Rausch       (District Technology Assistant); Sandy Stein (Cold Spring Elementary Paraprofessional); and Brenda Zumwalde (Cold Spring Elementary Media Paraprofessional).

25 years—started service in 1992-1993:  Kelly Ebnet (Richmond Elementary 4th Grade); Dave Shaw (District Physical Education at elementary and parochial schools); and Kathy van der Hagen (Cold Spring Elementary Counselor).

30 years—started service in 1987-1988:  Brian Athmann (Secondary Physical Education and Health); Deb Jenderseck (High School Reading); Mary Rothstein (District Office Bookkeeper); Nancy Schwindel (Secondary Paraprofessional); Judith Steil (Richmond Elementary 1st Grade); and Donna Theis (Cold Spring Elementary Secretary).

35 years—started service in 1982-1983:  Bruce Weber (Secondary Site Head Custodian)

Congratulations to each of these employees for their continued service, dedication and commitment to the ROCORI School District!  Thank you for your service!



As we complete the year, we also recognize the conclusion of educational careers for a number of ROCORI Staff members.  I would like to take a little time to honor our retirees. 

A few of the staff members retired during the course of the year.  These staff members included:

Jerry Hortsch who served the district from 2013-2016 for 3 years of service.  Jerry served as the Head Custodian at Richmond Elementary School.

Tina Orbeck was a Cleaner in the district for 5 years with service from 2011-2016.

Jeanne Burtzel retired from her position as 5th Grade Teacher at John Clark Elementary School in Rockville.  Jeanne served from 1994-2017 for 23 years of educational service.

Buildings and Grounds Director Ken Kraemer retired after 27 years of service to the district beginning in 1989 and concluding his tenure in 2016.

In addition, there were a number of staff members who submitted letters indicating that they were retiring at the conclusion of the year.  These staff members included:                 

Richmond and John Clark (Rockville) Elementary Media Center Director, Marlene Peterson served in ROCORI from 2011 to 2017 for 6 years of service.       

Cathy Hansen, who completed her service at the 6th grade in the Middle School, was employed in the district from 1993 to 2017 for a total of 24 years    of service.

Shelly Muth completed 24 years of administrative service in the district.  She has served as the Principal of Richmond Elementary and John Clark (Rockville) Elementary Schools for the last 14 years of her ROCORI career that began in 1993 and concludes in 2017.                 

Deb Jenderseck retired from her position as High School Reading teacher.  Deb served from 1987 to 2017 for a total of 30 years in the ROCORI schools.

Donna Theis began her service in ROCORI 1984 and completed 33 years of service in 2017.  Donna has been a Secretary at Cold Spring Elementary School.           

Toni Monnens finished her Paraprofessional career at Cold Spring Elementary.  Toni served students in the district from 1978 to 2017 for a total of 39 years of service!

Congratulations to each of these staff members!  There is a great deal of collective experience among this group!  We wish each of them the best as they begin a new phase of life!