This last week marked the conclusion, for students, of the 2012-2013 school year.  Staff members, because of the wild weather in March and April, have obligations the first three work days of June.  In between, we recognize the senior class through the commencement exercises!


As we wrap up the year, I would like to take a few moments to congratulate the graduating class and others within the ROCORI School District.




It seems as though we look at each graduating class, their accomplishments and achievements, and the work they have done, and comment that they have set high standards for the district!  Each year, however, we are continually impressed with the record of achievement that has been recorded.  This year is no exception—we have a great group of seniors who have accomplished much in their academic careers!


The information that follows has been included in several presentations this spring—but most of it has been shared with the seniors and their parents.  We did take time to note these accomplishments at graduation, but I also want to share it in a more public fashion.


Here are some  of the achievements by the senior class:


20% of this class was inducted into the National Honor Society


23% of this class won the President’s Education Award (3.5 GPA and achieved the 85th percentile in Math or Reading on the ACT)


54% of this class received Honor Cords—with 16% having a 3.0 – 3.349 GPA, 12%  earning a 3.35 – 3.65 GPA, and 29% having a 3.66 – 4.00 GPA.


One important measure of accomplishment is to look at the class performance on the ACT (American College Testing) program results.  This year’s class had a 70% participation rate in the ACT—which alone is an outstanding level of participation!  6% of the students who tested scored at 30 or higher!  The overall class average ACT Score was 23.33—the highest overall score for the ROCORI District with more students participating!


Scholarship Awards are also a testament to the performance of this class.  Collectively, of the information reported to the high school, this year’s graduating class received over $630,058.00 in scholarship money!  If this amount were divided evenly among all the graduates, it would amount to more than $3500 in scholarship money per graduate!


As you may be aware, ROCORI High School offers College in the High School courses which allow students to earn both high school and college credits.  The college credits are transferrable to schools in Minnesota but for the most part are also recognized at colleges across the country.  This year’s graduating class has received over 2879 free college credits. 

Again, if those credits are divided evenly across the entire class, it would mean each graduate would be leaving with a semester’s worth of credits at a little more than 16 credits per student.  Obviously, some have not earned credits while others have earned more, but the level of participation has been very high and students have made a great start toward their post-secondary plans!

An impressive measure is the performance of the Class of 2013 on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments.  The chart below offers the results for the Class of 2013 (in comparison with local schools)


                    SCHOOL                                    Multiple Measurement Rating                   Focused Proficiency


ROCORI Senior High



Eden Valley Watkins Secondary



Albany Secondary



Sauk Rapids Senior High



Sartell High School



Technical Senior High School



Kimball Secondary



Apollo Senior High School




Congratulations are extended to the 2013 graduates.  This group of seniors has accomplished a great deal and has much of which to be proud!



Congratulations are extended to Cold Spring Elementary Teacher Joyce Baumann.  She has been recognized with several awards this spring.


At the Cold Spring Elementary School recognition program on Thursday, Joyce was honored with a presentation by Sandra Cordie from Resource Training and Solutions.  Her work with Knowledge Bowl and other academic services have earned Joyce recognition by the WEM Foundation. 


The initial certificate was presented by Sandra at the program, but it is the first of a series of recognition opportunities.  In October, Joyce will receive a crystal apple in a presentation at Resource Training and Solutions.  Later in the fall, she will attend a reception by the WEM Foundation.  At that time, she will be presented with a check for $15,000 as part of the honor!


In addition, as reported in last week’s Record, Joyce was recognized through the National Education Association as a 2013 Pearson Foundation Global Learning Fellow.  She will be traveling to Brazil in a group of 36 educators building global competency skills and the capacity to understand issues of global significance.  Before traveling to Brazil, there is a two day workshop in Washington, D.C. and then the tour of Brazil from June 19 to 28.


Congratulations, Joyce, on your academic excellence and the recognition in Minnesota and nationally!




As we complete the year, we also recognize the conclusion of educational careers for a number of ROCORI Staff members.  A few weeks ago, I also shared this list but I would like to take a little time to honor our retirees. 

The members of the teaching staff completing the year and their career include Diane Blenkush, Media Services at Cold Spring Elementary; Roxanne Cota, Middle School Art; Deb Hennen, Kindergarten at Cold Spring Elementary; Linda Meyer, Fourth Grade at Cold Spring Elementary; and Barb Omann, Language Arts at the Senior High.

Support staff members who are retiring at the conclusion of the year include Kitty Needham, Office Assistant at Richmond Elementary; Lynn Parker, Director of Business Services in the District Office; Dave Zwilling, Cleaner at John Clark Elementary School in Rockville; Theresa Gertken, Cleaner at Richmond Elementary School; and Penny Spoden, Attendance Secretary at the Secondary site.

During the course of the year, we experienced retirements from Betty Winter, Food Service at the Secondary site; Caroline Hoagland, Paraprofessional who was at Richmond Elementary School for many years; and Terry Terhaar, Paraprofessional at Cold Spring Elementary School. 

Congratulations to each of these staff members!  There is a great deal of collective experience among this group!  We wish each of them the best as they begin a new phase of life!