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Earlier this month, on Tuesday morning May 13th, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 20th Annual Dollars for Scholars recognition breakfast.  The session was held at St. Boniface with the purpose of honoring members of this year’s graduating class with scholarships.  A bit more than a week later, the high school hosted its Evening of Excellence to recognize the accomplishments of the members of the Class of 2014. 

Both events were tremendous opportunities to honor this year’s graduates.  The breakfast is the culmination of many great efforts throughout the year.  The Evening of Excellence, organized by the RHS Counseling Department, is the result of much work and coordination of information.   I would like to focus this article on the recognition events.



A record number of 109 members of the class of 2014 were each recognized with scholarships through the Dollars for Scholars program.  A renewable scholarship recognition was also included in the presentation. 

The students and their parents were honored at the breakfast.  Each scholarship recipient is offered a brief introduction.  The introduction highlights each student’s parents and the student’s future educational plans. The breakfast offers a great opportunity for students to have their plans identified and recognized.

Students are also honored for their hard work over the course of their academic careers.  The students who receive the scholarships are matched based on their success, their academic efforts, their post-secondary plans, and their areas of intended study. 



The donors to the scholarship funds were recognized or identified as the scholarships were awarded.  It is always a privilege to have the individuals, leaders and businesses contributing to the educational future of the ROCORI graduates present to share the scholarship awards.

Without donors to the Dollars for Scholars program, none of the scholarships would be possible.  The donors may be individuals within the community, various businesses affiliated with our communities, service organizations throughout the ROCORI District, families wanting to support educational efforts, and a variety of sources. 

Any and all donations—of whatever size or amount—help support scholarships.  The donations are appreciated by the Dollars for Scholars organization as well as the recipients of the scholarships!



I would like to extend a note of thanks and appreciation to all (and each) of the members of the Dollars for Scholars organization.  The Dollars for Scholars committee, comprised of school and community members, works very hard throughout the school year to make the scholarship event possible. 

Countless hours of time making connections with others are involved in building the scholarship foundation.  A variety of events are conducted throughout the year to help build the resources for the scholarships.  Several of the projects are known because they have been done for a long time, like the Jail ‘n Bail fundraising effort.  Other activities re relatively new. 

Over the last three years, Dollars for Scholars has conducted the 50/50 drawing at major school events where someone attending the event wins half of the money collected while the other half goes to the program. This year, the 50/50 raffle drawings brought in enough money to fund more than four of the scholarships.

Beyond the fundraisers, many of the members of the Dollars for Scholars committee agree to make contacts with businesses and individuals to secure donations and contributions to the scholarship fund. The committee dedicates a lot of time and energy into the activities of Dollars for Scholars.

The recognition breakfast, itself, involves a great deal of time.  The Dollars for Scholars committee reviews scholarship applications, determines the recipients of scholarships, matches the students to the appropriate scholarship, prepares the event location, organizes all the breakfast details, and helps to award scholarships. 



This program offers recognition for seniors for many parts of their senior year.  There were a number of academic, athletic, and scholarship honors presented.  Specific activities honored those seniors who excelled in their programs.  Academic departments provided recognition to the outstanding seniors in their areas.  Honor cords for graduation, representing various academic accomplishments and National Honor Society membership were distributed.  The Presidential Education awards were also presented.

A list of known scholarships that have been awarded was also reviewed during the program.  Many of the awards came directly from schools, but others were awarded by community organizations or private foundations.  Although the totals are not complete, the seniors have been awarded more than $500,000 in scholarships.

Although I don’t want to steal the details that Principal Mark Jenson will offer at graduation, the class of 2014 has earned more than 2800 college credits through programs at RHS.  They have recorded the highest overall ACT score for ROCORI graduates.  The class has accomplished many great things during their academic careers.



Congratulations to each of the student recipients of the scholarships and other recognition.  Their hard work, and the support of their parents, has earned the honors and awards given at the breakfast and the Evening of Excellence. 

Thanks, as well, is extended to the donors and committee members for making the event a reality.

These events are wonderful opportunities to see parents and students, together, at some of the last events of the senior year.  There is no question that the support of parents is an important element in a successful educational career.  It is a great experience to have the students recognized with their parents and peers!