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This part of the school year has a lot of activities and events unfolding as we work toward the end of the school year.   Classes have field trips scheduled during the month of May, testing processes continue to unfold, final concerts and programs are being held along with recognition programs.  There are a wide variety of things happening!



This week, the ROCORI High School theater department will feature the musical, Beauty and the Beast!  The students have been working on the production for the past two months and the performance is rapidly approaching.

There have been a number of preview articles featured in the Cold Spring Record over the last few weeks with updates about the production.  The articles have featured various students and much information about the musical. 

The show is fairly intense and demanding!  There are more than 75 students directly involved in the performance.  With all the support work and musicians, there are about 125 students as part of the show.  Those numbers are very impressive!

With a show like Beauty and the Beast, there is incredible demand for costumes and props.  The dancing and musical household items are very challenging to bring to life as is a costume for the main character—the Beast! 

Everything we are hearing about the show has been very positive.  There is great excitement and enthusiasm around the production.  Ticket sales have been very brisk, as well, with each show nearly selling out.  At the time of this writing, tickets were still available, but the choices were getting more limited.

The show runs with public performances on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and a matinee show on Sunday.  There is also a performance for upper elementary students during the school day this week.



Many of our classes and grade levels, especially at the elementary level, have end of the year field trips scheduled during the month of May.  Many of these are culminating activities for the students related to some of the curriculum or major concepts for the class or grade.

Each of the buildings has submitted schedules of field trips and the schedule looks very, very busy!  The locations and scope of the trips is very impressive and should prove to be great experiences for the students.



As we draw to the end of the year, we continue to be engaged in efforts to measure student growth, progress, and performance.  The state mandated testing, the MCAs, opened a “window” for testing in April which runs into May. 

In addition, the district uses other assessments to help monitor and track student progress.  The NWEA “MAPS” testing process is used to help determine student growth during the course of the year, helps to determine placement in classes or programs, and is part of our student data process to determine efforts to support or intervene with students.  Although not required by the state, the MAPS testing is important to the work we do within the district.



Although the winter season was not very predictable or pleasant, our student schedule does not run past the end of May.  Our last day for students remains May 30.  Staff members will be in session on June 2, 3 and 4 but the student year ends on May 30.

We have several things happening as the calendar turns to June that encouraged us to keep the last student day in May.  Construction work at Cold Spring Elementary, as we change over the HVAC system, is scheduled to start during the week of June 2.  We will be able to have staff in the building, but it would be more difficult to fully conduct school.

In addition, the improvements to County Road 50, on the west border of the campus, are set to begin that first week of June.  Although there will be access and movement during the improvements, the movement of buses in and out of the campus would become more challenging during that time. 

Because of the major construction issues, the decision was made to limit the number of people at our sites in early June by completing the student year in May.  Staff members, though a significant number, are a much smaller population than our entire student body.


MAY 28

The ROCORI School District is host to the preliminary section track meet on Wednesday, May 28.  Because of the competition with 16 schools and 32 teams (boys and girls) in attendance, there will be logistical issues to conducting a full day of school.

As such, the board authorized an early release day on May 28.  Much like our other scheduled early releases, students will be in session through noon and then we will release the students.  We do have a number of staff activities planned during the time, but the logistical issues involved in sending our students home with up to 1000 track and field athletes and an additional 1000 or more guests encouraged the change in schedule.



While this spring has been better than that of 2013, we continue to have after school activities and events disrupted by the weather.  Early in the spring, the winter conditions were a good share of the problem.  It is tough to run track and play golf, softball, or baseball with snow on the ground.  Once the snow melted, we have had a few nice days sprinkled among days of rain!

There have been more events conducted that a year ago, but once again much of the season has been compressed into the next two weeks.  The end of the school year also brings a conclusion to the spring athletic events with playoffs and tournaments beginning very soon!