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April is a month during which the ROCORI School District takes time to recognize and honor the work of our support staff.  During this past week, several members of the school staff were recognized for their hard work and dedication within the district.



We have recently implemented a different structure for the support staff awards.  We have organized groups of employees with similar roles or duties for the recognition program.  In order to provide a balanced representation of all employees in the district, the groups may include several different roles, but we believe they are somewhat similar in nature. 

We also develop a schedule to recognize and honor each of the support staff employee groups within the district.  On Monday, April 20, we recognized those serving in Food Service and as part of the Kitchen Staff.  On Tuesday, April 21, we honored those in roles in Maintenance, Custodians and Cleaners.  In conjunction with national Administrative Assistants Day, we used Wednesday, April 22nd to recognize those serving in Clerical and Secretarial roles.  On Thursday, April 23rd, we honored our Paraprofessionals and employees in the Health Services.



Sandy Jost, was chosen as the Maintenance and Custodial Staff Member of Excellence. Sandy is a custodian at the Senior High site.  She was nominated for the way in which she supports her colleagues, interacts with students, and the positive manner in which she carries out her role.

Theresa Nohner, received the recognition in the Food Service group.  Theresa works in the kitchen at the secondary site.  Theresa quietly goes about her work with dedication and commitment.  She is faithful in her service.  She works well with students.

In the Clerical and Secretarial group, Cold Spring Elementary Secretary Loraine Ashfeld was named our Support Staff of Excellence recipient.  Loraine has a long record of service in the district and is often the first point of contact at Cold Spring Elementary for students, parents, community members and staff.  Loraine is respected through the building and the district.

In the Paraprofessional and Health Services area, Bonnie Eskuri, was selected for the honor.  Bonnie has worked in a variety of roles in the district but has most recently been working with younger students.  Bonnie is a paraprofessional at the District Education Facility and works in the Early Childhood programs.  She is recognized for her energy and enthusiasm with the students, her positive approach, and her support for others. 



There is a list of specific criteria used to nominate employees for the awards.  One of the critical criteria is that they cannot hold a certified or licensed position in order to be considered—it truly has to be a support staff role! The criteria for selecting honorees included the following standards:

·The nominee must be a non-licensed educator

·Has a thorough knowledge of work responsibilities, demonstrates safety for self and others, and cultivates respect for resources and facilities.

·Portrays a positive role model for students, staff, and the community.

·Is an exemplary staff member who recognizes students, peers and colleagues as individuals and who shows genuine respect and concern for others.

·Seeks to improve personally and professionally.

·Is making a difference every day in the lives of students, staff, and their community.



Congratulations to each of these employees!  Our recipients will be recognized, not only in our district this spring, but also at a gathering next September organized by Resource Training and Solutions. The regional recognition banquet brings together schools and support staff honorees from across Central Minnesota.