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As we approach the middle of April, there are a lot of things happening across the district.  We are in test season, our spring activities are just able to get outside and begin the competitive season, we have had a number of concert events, honors and recognition programs will soon be approaching, special events like the Prom will soon occur, and culminating events like field trips and class activities will be underway.  Spring becomes a very busy time at schools across the state. 



We have entered the state’s “test season.”   The Minnesota Comprehensive Test “window” has opened.  The state sets beginning and ending points for the ability to schedule and take the required state tests.  We have, essentially, the month of April to complete our MCA testing processes across the district. 

In addition to the MCA testing, the NWEA or MAPS testing also happens at the end of the year.  These tests are intended to measure student progress over the course of the year.  They are needed for a number of reasons.  Student growth or progress is measured.  The information helps us to project forward student success in other areas.  The measurements are an important point of data used in placing students into academic programs, intervention processes, or eligibility for particular services.

Demands are pretty high during this part of the year.  Schedules become fairly tight and adjustments to testing schedules are difficult to make. 



As a school district, we participate in the Severe Weather Awareness Week scheduled across the state of Minnesota.  The process plays out differently at the various levels of the district, but we certainly participate in the process. 

Last week, we received information from the Stearns County Emergency Management team.  Stearns County is promoting Severe Weather Awareness Week for the week of April 21-25.   

We received a Severe Weather Awareness Week bulletin which outlines issues to address during the week.  The schedule includes Alerts and Warnings, Severe Storms, Flood Safety, Tornado Awareness, and Heat Wave Safety.  Each daily topic can be viewed on the Stearns County website at: http://www.co.stearns.mn.us/LawPublicSafety/EmergencyServices/DisasterPreparation.

We are also, as a district, encouraged to share this information with our community.   For more information regarding Severe Weather Awareness Week, please visit the Homeland Security and Emergency Management website at www.severeweather.state.mn.us/



Resource Training and Solutions, our regional educational service cooperative, is sponsoring parenting classes in the near future.  The Love and Logic sessions have been very popular with parents in the past and a new session is available.

The 2-session workshop is scheduled on Thursday, April 24th, 2014 from 5:30pm - 9:00pm and Thursday, May 1st, 2014 at 5:30pm - 9:00pm.  The price for the course is $50.00 and the sessions are being conducted at Resource Training & Solutions at 137 23rd Street South in Sartell.

The course can teach parents words and ways to train children to be respectful and responsible.  At this workshop, parents will learn new techniques and be able to discuss new ideas with parents of similar aged children.   

The goals of the class include:

  • Use simple communication techniques that are effective with toddlers to teens.
  • Avoid power struggles
  • Guide your children to solve their own problems
  • Model and teach responsibility and respectful communication
  • Raise your children without raising the roof!

Parents, grandparents, foster parents, child care providers, preschool staff, coaches, counselors and others who have a concern for interacting with children are encouraged to attend.

There are a couple additional notes:

-  A "bring a friend" discount will be applied to this registration (when more than one person is registered) which reduces each registration by $12.50.
-  Full payment confirms registration.
-  Because the class only takes a 30 minute dinner break, participants are encouraged to bring a sack lunch or frozen entree to the class to eat.