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There are a number of brief items I would like to cover in this week’s space!  The items cover a broad variety of topics and themes!



As I write, we have already lost four days of school to emergency closings.  Our school calendar outlines how the days are made up, but we have nearly exhausted the planned calendar adjustments.

The first two days we lost will be made up in February.  The calendar originally had a long President’s Day weekend, but that has been shortened by the cold weather.  Staff members will be at the school on President’s Day with an in-service day.  Students still have a vacation day on President’s Day. 

Students and staff will be in session on Friday, February 14.  Originally, this was supposed to be a vacation day for all, but it is now a regular day of school.

With the two days this past week, the makeup days occur in April.  Originally, the calendar had an in-service day on the Tuesday following Easter and everyone on vacation on the Monday.  Both of those days will now become regular days of school.  Students and staff will be in session on April 21 and 22.  There will not be school on Good Friday which is April 18.

The staff in-service day moves to the end of the calendar.  Staff members will report on June 2.

If there are additional days of school closing, they will be added at the end of the year.  The last day outlined in the calendar is to have school on May 30 with staff members reporting the following week. 

The school board will be asked, as the winter unfolds, to examine the calendar questions to determine if any adjustments need to be made.  There are other options including consideration of Saturdays, extending school days, or other adjustments but none of those are prescribed by the calendar at this point!



With the school closing days this past week, the secondary school parent-teacher conferences were also canceled.  The secondary building has reviewed the calendar plans as well as activities and other events. 

It appears the best date to reschedule the parent-teacher conferences is the evening of February 17.  Even though students are not in school, it is one of the few dates without activities scheduled or other conflicts.  More information will be shared at the secondary level, but parents should plan on conferences on the 17th.



As reported in other parts of the paper, the city has made the selection of a new police chief.  Phil Jones retired from the role last summer and the recruitment process has just been completed. 

It was my privilege and pleasure to serve, along with School Board Member Mike Austreng, as ROCORI School District representatives on the Selection Committee. 

The team, composed of representatives from Cold Spring, Richmond, Wakefield Township, the Police Department and the School District was a very positive experience and a wonderful opportunity.  On behalf of the School District, I want to extend a note of thanks to the city of Cold Spring for the opportunity to serve.

The committee was blessed with three very strong candidates and engaged in great discussion about the selection.  It was, in many ways, disappointing to have to reduce the decision to a single candidate—simply because there were tremendous strengths in each person. 

Each of the finalists are to be commended for their candidacy, their experiences and backgrounds, and the professionalism exhibited.  I want to extend a note of congratulations to each of the finalists as well as Eric Johnson. 



We celebrated “Eric Decker Day” across the ROCORI School District last week in honor of the Denver Broncos, and wide receiver Eric Decker, making the Super Bowl.  Although, as I write, the outcome of the Super Bowl has yet to be determined, it is exciting to have more of a personal interest in the game!

Our community certainly demonstrated, at the celebration on Thursday, the excitement of having a local athlete in the big game!  The pep fest conducted Thursday afternoon was fun, positive, and inspiring!

Congratulations, Eric, for making it to the Super Bowl and reaching one of the highlights of a professional athlete’s career!  Even more, thanks for being an example and inspiration for a large group within your home community!

In addition, I want to extend a note of thanks to Joel Baumgarten for his work in coordinating the celebration!  Joel invested quite a bit of time and effort in working with media, making arrangements for the event, and in coordinating the program. 

In addition, thanks are extended to Mr. Hutar and the students of the band.  The ROCORI Dance teams performed and did an excellent job.  Linda Liebl and other staff members were involved in a video tribute to Eric which was very well done.  Many thanks to all who were involved in the celebration event!