I shared last week, that I was heading to a meeting at the Department of Education and walked past two Red Cross vehicles in the parking lot.  The Red Cross was at the secondary site to conduct the Student Senate annual blood drive. 

The blood drive is a means of giving back to the community and an example of the many ways students and staff across the district offer support to those in need or simply give something back to community.

I would like to finish the thought by highlighting some of the many events or efforts within the school district to support the community.  Although I cannot cover everything, I think the list demonstrates the many ways in which students are taught or encouraged to think of others!



Brian Herrig, Advisor for the Senior High Student Senate, provided a list of activities which the students have designed and conducted.  Mr. Herrig offered, “Here is a list of the activities that we have done so far:

“RHS Senate Clothing Drive: In September, we held a clothing collection drive to donate to the Salvation Army. Our senate figured that some students get new clothing for the school year and have old clothing that they may never wear again...so why not donate it? We received 1,138 lbs of clothing that was donated to the Salvation Army.

“RHS Senate Haunted House: In October, we held our second annual haunted house in the RMS gym basement. Our student senate and other volunteers set up the entire haunted house and lasted for one evening before Halloween. Entry was $2 and all of the proceeds went to Linda Liebl for her cancer treatment. We raised a total of $540.

“American Red Cross Blood Drive: The drive in November was cancelled due to the blizzard and snow day. We will have another in January.

“RHS Senate Penny Wars: In December, we held our annual Penny Wars fundraiser where students compete to bring in the most pennies and other donations for their grade. The grade that raised the most money, 11th grade, was awarded frozen yogurt coupons for lunch. We raised a total of $290 that will be donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for blood cancer research.”

In addition to the work that has already been accomplished the RHS Student Senate has many activities within its future plans.  The activities include the Blood Drive in January (described in the opening remarks), a 50th Anniversary Celebration for ROCORI  with some different ideas having been bounced around,  its annual Snow Days Dance with the money donated to a charity or other cause, ROCORI Takes Action (Spartan Walk) with 50% of the money donated to March of Dimes and 50% deposited into Spartan Grant for teachers, and the Last Dance of the Year with money donated to a charity or other cause.

Clearly, the Student Senate is busy supporting others in the community!



“The RMS Student Senate has been rocking this year,” commented Advisor Gilbertson.  “They have had great ideas and share excitement throughout our buildings.”  Here is a description, according to Gilbertson, of other activities through the RMS Student Senate.

In September, the RMS and RHS Student Senate attended WE Day at the Xcel Energy Center.  WE Day is an event involving well-known speakers and artists that encourage youth across the state to take an action in making a positive impact within their schools and communities.

In October, the Student Senate facilitated a Halloween Costume contest.  Participants were nominated by staff and students during their 1st hour classes.  Winners were chosen by staff and administration.  A great way to celebrate and build school pride.

In November, Turkey Bingo was the focus!  The last 2 days before Thanksgiving break students and staff had the opportunity to participate in Turkey Bingo.  Students and students could purchase a bingo card by bringing in a canned good for our local food shelf. If one got a bingo, the bingo winner had to grab the mask of a turkey, run down the hallway to the nearest prices spot gobbling.  What a HOOT!!!

The RMS Student Senate will be active throughout the school year.  Some of the future activities in the work include plans for Snow Week which are yet to be determined.  In the Spring, the students will engage in a contest called Hats for Packs. Students will able to purchase a wrist band for $1.00, giving them the opportunity to wear a hat for the day.  All proceeds are donated to our ROCORI Action Packs organization.



Principal Shelly Muth reported that the John Clark Elementary staff collected money to donate to the ROCORI action packs.  Many students at the site and across the district benefit from the action packs.  In addition, all of JCE had a food drive for the local food shelf.

In Richmond, the PTC helped the community efforts by working to pack the Action Packs during a recent month and donated $200 to support the program.   Richmond Elementary will have a food drive in March for the local food shelf.



Through many different activities and approaches, students and staff in the district give back to the community.  The activities are often designed, developed, and conducted by the students but are sponsored to help demonstrate the importance of giving back.  Students and staff have done fantastic work to support initiatives and needs across the district!